Ukash pre-paid voucher

UKash is a web wallet that can give you extra benefits when used for depositing and withdrawing at Royal Vegas Canada. Ukash is a globally-available funding system that will also give you an extra 10% deposit match bonus, if you use it to make your very first deposit at the casino. When used globally, this payment method can be accessed from more than 275,000 Ukash Pay Points. All you need to do to use this web wallet is to fund it by using an online bank transfer.

Ukash has the following benefits:

  • Private: no need to share any of your private financial details online.
  • Worldwide: Ukash can be used in over 20 countries.
  • Versatile: no need to have a bank card, and no need to worry about online fraud.
  • Manageable: you cannot go into debt with Ukash; you can only use as much money as you put into your Ukash account.
  • Flexible: You can split your Ukash money into smaller amounts, as well as convert into different currencies.
  • Vouchers: Ukash works according to a voucher system, and you can use voucher codes like you would use cash.
  • Secure: Ukash vouchers make use of unique 19-digit codes, and anyone using Ukash will only ever request the last 6 digits of your voucher.
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Ukash 10% deposit match bonus

Get as much as 100 credits extra when you make your first deposit at the casino, using Ukash as you preferred payment method. It's as easy as following the steps below:

  1. Aftrer you've registered a Ukash account, log in to Royal Vegas Canada.
  2. Select the Banking option in the casino software lobby.
  3. In the Main Menu bar, click on Deposit, then cselect Ukash.
  4. In the required fields, fill in the last 6 digts of your voucher number, as well as the voucher value.
  5. Complete the rest of the process by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Your 10% free cash boost will be available to use instantly.

Please consult the deposit options bonus terms & conditions.

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