But first, lemme take a selfie

2016 Selfies - a different year review Credit: worldbank.org Statistics show that more that 93 millions selfies are taken worldwide every single day, that equates to more than 64500 selfies every minute. Selfies have become a way of life, a form of expression and the new way to document memorable moments. So let’s review 2016, selfie style! Warning: prepare yourself for a duck-face overload! #YOLO #Selfie #2016

The elections

Who doesn’t remember the nail-biting US presidential elections, the nail-biting race for votes between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton? There were other candidates too – remember Ted Cruz for example? 2016 Selfies US Elections Credit: ccn.com


Many a selfie was taken in the sporting world. Among others, this very excited photo of the Stanley Cup Winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins won the cup final against the San Jose Sharks 4-2. 2016 Selfie Stanley Cup Winner Credit: cloudfront.net The Olympic Games in Rio were a record breaking sporting highlight – some of the younger athletes making memories together: 2016 Selfies Olympic games athletes Credit: cnn.com

On the entertainment side of things

Leo did it. He finally, finally did it! Some of us had already given up hope – but he showed us all! Leonardo DiCaprio rocked the entertainment world when he won an Oscar for his role in the movie The Revenant. 2016 Selfies Leo Oscar Credit: cnn.com Laughs galore, that’s what Peter Parker brought to the big screen in the Captain America: Civil War movie. This impressive selfie was taken on the set of Spiderman: Homecoming, set to hit the big screen mid 2017. 2016 Selfies Spiderman Homecoming Credit: cnn.com One of the mobile games that rocked the world: Pokemon Go, the mobile app that got millions of players to leave their couches ad go for walks to hatch eggs and catch Dragonites. 2016 Selfies Pokemon Go Credit: cnn.com

Holy selfie!

Pope Francis has selfie skills – this needs to be said. He is also said to be the most liberal pope thus far and is approachable and “real”. This selfie shows him visiting a homeless shelter. If you want to get to know the pope a little better - why not follow him on Instagram? 2016 Selfies Pope visting homeless Credit: cnn.com

Celebs that’ll be missed…

In January, singer and songwriter David Bowie died of liver cancer, two days after the release of his last album, Blackstar. A sad fan takes a selfie in front of a David Bowie mural. 2016 Selfies David Bowie Death Credit: cnn.com April saw another musical hero leave the stage; Prince died at the age of 57. Dubbed as one of “the most influential artists of the rock & roll era” by Rolling Stone Magazine, the musician passed away from a fentanyl overdose. A fan poses in front a memorial. 2016 Selfies Prince Death Credit: cnn.com


In May, the Angels attempted setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people using selfie sticks. 2016 Selfies Biggest selfie gathering Credit: cnn.com

The best selfies of 2016

Astronaut Timothy Nigel "Tim" Peake found the best spot in the world, nay, in the universe for a selfie. During his space walk in January he shared his selfie skills with the world. 2016 Selfies Tim Peake Astronaut Credit: cnn.com Manny the cat – proof that a duck face does not make a selfie better! Manny the cat is trending on all social media platforms and shows off his mad selfie skills and his cool posed with his furry mates. Quite honestly – I think he takes better selfies than most of us 2016 Selfies Manny, the selfie cat Credit: instagram.com On that note - happy new year! Here's hoping that 2017 will be the best one yet! 2016 Selfies Credit: blogspot.com

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