5 Extreme Adventures To Get Your Blood Pumping

Extreme adventures Source: Pixabay For some, picking up the pace in order to get to the shops before they close is enough adventure for the week, while others prefer the thrill of playing for a big jackpot at an online casino. But then, there are those who aren’t happy unless they come close to death. Some might call them Adrenaline junkies, while others will call them completely insane. Whatever you want to call them, there are some adventures available to the public that defy belief. Death is a very real danger, but that’s exactly what the adrenaline seekers are looking for. You probably won’t find the average person attending these next adventure sessions, but it sure is still interesting to read about them.

Chernobyl Tours

Chernobyl Tours Source: Pixabay Chernobyl is perhaps the most well-known disaster site in the world. The area has been all but entirely abandoned, and for very good reason. But that doesn’t stop some from choosing to visit it, simply for the sake of doing something outrageous. Tour groups of extreme adventure seekers are taken into the disaster zone, with one of the main draw cards being that enormous packs of wild animals can be spotted. The wild animal showcase includes packs of feral dogs that have flourished in the absence of human life and roam between the abandoned building scavenging for scraps.

Chevé Cave

Chevé Cave Source: Rob Stone If exploring disaster sites isn’t your thing, you can try exploring a cave instead. But not just any cave, one that can take you about 1.5 miles underground. It’s dark, slippery, and severely cramped, which are all the things that most people would avoid. But those who sign up for tours obviously aren’t concerned with being comfortable and are certainly not afraid of the dark. Rumour has it, that when you reach the back of the cave all light sources are extinguished so you can get the ‘full experience’.

The Door To Hell

Door to hell Source: Unbelievable Info Along the same lines as Chernobyl tours are tours to the Door To Hell. The story goes that a Soviet drilling operation went wrong in the desert, opening up an enormous circular sinkhole deep into the earth, the bottom of which cannot be seen. This alone would have been hair raising, but unfortunately the sinkhole quickly filled with natural flammable gases. The gases ignited, and the results have to be seen to be believed. The glow of flames can be seen for miles around, at any time of day, and raw chickens can be cooked by placing them on the ground beside the sinkhole. When you go on tour of the flaming sinkhole you’ll get to experience all this, and more.

Shark Cage Diving

Shark Cage Diving Source: Galaxyspress Travel and Tours Head over to Cape Town, South Africa if you want to stare death in the face, and live to tell the tale. Cage diving in the area is a renowned extreme adventure, but isn’t as truly dangerous as other activities on this list. There is a cage to protect you, and the sharks probably won’t smash it to get the meal inside, although some have tried.

The Running Of The Bulls

Running with the bulls Source: Mashable Those looking for more than disaster sites or sink craters often look towards Spain, where the Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona is held annually. It’s a well-known, astonishingly dangerous activity, but some still go out of their way to experience it. As far as extreme adventures go, this is probably about as crazy as it gets. The Spanish themselves like to point out that there have been only 13 deaths at the Running Of The Bulls in the last 100 years, which is remarkable. But what they don’t point out is that there were over 100 injuries in 2016 alone. So, death may not be likely, but being gored by a bull might. Still, adventure seekers flock to Spain to enjoy the festivities, and spend some quality time with an enraged bovine or two hot on their heels.

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