How To Get Exercise On Your Own Time

There are lots of ways to get moving. Source: Jonathan Borba on Unsplash It would be great if we could eat whatever we wanted, do whatever we wanted, and still look great. It would also be great if it weren’t so hard to fit an exercise routine into a week already crammed with work, family, commutes, housework, and a million other things. But just because you don’t have enviable celebrity genes or a super laid-back lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t fit some exercise in. Spoiler alert: there are even some ways to play in a safe online casino while you break a sweat. You don’t have to spend a solid hour in the gym sweating on the treadmill and pumping weights just to get a good workout. Anything that gets your heart rate up and gets you on your feet is a good move. Exercise doesn’t have to be a dedicated activity either—it’s a great opportunity to multitask. Here’s how.

1. Watch while you work it

There’s a reason most exercise equipment has a TV built in. But instead of just tuning in to whatever’s on the morning news, try scheduling your workouts when you know there’s something on that you want to watch, whether it’s a football match or the latest episode of your favourite sitcom. Or, reserve a certain show for the gym—if you only let yourself watch each week’s Bachelor while you’re on the elliptical, you’ll have one more reason not to skip out on your workout. (Plus, it will make your guilty pleasures a little less guilty.) If you’d rather stay at home, try doing body weight exercises or move in place during commercial breaks.

2. Walk while you work

Speaking of exercising more…wouldn’t your life also be better if you could work a little less? Even if you can’t cancel your 1 o’clock to hit the gym, you could ask your coworkers to make it a walk and talk. You can add some steps to your day, get your mind moving, and give your swivel chair a break. And, the change of scenery and a bit of fresh air can invigorate you for what’s left of the day.

3. Cycle while you spin

The best thing about mobile casino games is—you guessed it—they’re mobile! While you’re taking a spin on your favourite slots, take a spin on the exercise bike, too. Since time flies when you’re having fun, you can burn some calories while your winning streak is on fire. Stick to using playing online casino games on the exercise bike or elliptical though—tripping up the stair climber isn’t a gamble you want to take. Try multitasking at the gym. Source: Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

4. Make it a date

If you’re really pressed for time, your body might not be the only one who needs some extra love. Fit in some time for a date night too and choose an activity that gets you both moving. Get romantic by going ice skating or dancing or take an adventure in a kayak or on a hike. And if you really trust your partner, try out a sport like rock climbing to work as a team.

5. Go old school

Modern conveniences are great—but all that convenience can mean we spend less time moving and more time staring at a screen. Try ditching the tech for a few hours and do things the old fashioned way. That could mean biking to the grocery, playing with your kids outside instead of watching TV, or walking to see a friend instead of calling them. See if you can get all your chores done and get some aerobic exercise while you do it. (Your dog would probably like to go for a walk, too.)

6. Make it a hobby

The best way to make sure you get exercise is to find something you love to do—because then you’re less likely to skip it. Contrary to what we often think, exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment, it can actually be fun. Walking on the treadmill can be super boring, but there are plenty of other sports that are way more fun and have similar or better benefits. You can find new types of exercise by trying out a new class at the gym or watching a video online. Or, if you’re the competitive type, motivate yourself with winning, whether you’re beating your own best golf score, taking down your friends at tennis, or just racing to the poker table. Interested in health? You may also like

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