A five-course slots menu for April 2015

Five new slot games for April at Royal Vegas online casino We’ve got a sumptuous five-course slots menu planned for April: Dragons. Magic. Fine dining. Blue-skinned Elvis impersonators. Nursery rhymes all grown up. The spectacular game feast is naturally paired up with seasonal casino promotions, and finished off with tons of fun coming your way!

1) Dragon’s Myth online slot

Dragon’s Myth is a hot new slot game at Royal Vegas online casino Dragons. Glorious, fire-breathing dragons that have been the stuff of the legends for centuries! In April we’re introducing you to a flame-haired dragon-tamer with nerves of steel (possibly with an asbestos coating) on our Dragon’s Myth online slot. The heroine of the game, Berta, looks like Pippi Longstocking gone all Khaleesi on us, and we can’t wait to see more of the dragons in the run-up to the game release on Desktop and Browser casino… if you want your food flambéed, they can help!

2) Rabbit in the Hat online slot

Abracadabra – Rabbit in the Hat online slot will keep you entertained at Royal Vegas online casino Ta-dah! This year it seems that the Easter Egg Hunt needs to be moved to Vegas as Easter Bunny has ran off to join a magician’s troupe. For safety reasons there are no white tigers in the game, but the bonus feature in the Rabbit in the Hat online slot performs a real hat trick as you can win Wild Reels, Cash Prizes or Free Spins as you play. The slot game will be available on both Desktop and Browser casino from early April.

3) Rhyming Reels: Georgie Porgie online slot

Get lucky with Rhyming Reels – Georgie Porgie mobile slot at Royal Vegas mobile casino Berta isn’t the only slot character with hair kissed by fire… we hope you haven’t forgotten about Georgie Porgie! The Rhyming Reels: Georgie Porgie mobile slot comes to casino in April, transporting the nursery rhyme to the age of mobile gaming and selfies. He’s ever so keen on some more kissing, too – are you game?

4) Harveys Mobile Slot

Enjoy the mouth-watering Harveys mobile slot at Royal Vegas online casino A slot game for foodies, Harveys Mobile Slot will have your mouth watering in no time, so it’s a great game to play if you’re waiting for your meal in a restaurant (provided that you’re eating alone that is; other people might get upset if you prefer Harveys over their company). No reservation is needed, so you can just open the game and get gaming anytime!

5) Boogie Monsters Mobile Slot

Party on at Royal Vegas Mobile casino with Boogie Monsters mobile slot In the April episode of Come Play With Us, the entertainment number for the visual feast is provided by Boogie Monsters mobile slot. One thing’s for sure - you’ll never look at the characters from the classic horror canon the same way after this game!

A feast awaits

We hope you’re as hungry for new casino games as we are – the release date for the newbies has been set to April 8, and once we’ve had our fill of the games we’ll be sure to tell you all about them here! (You know how people like to take pictures of their dinner – we do that with online slots…) Don’t forget to check out the casino lobby around the roll-out date as we’ve got some fun games promotions and other treats waiting for the coming month! When it's time to play, head to Royal Vegas online casino

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