Are you worthy to lift Thor's hammer?

Thor hammer Source: "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." And with those prophetic words the legend of the hammer (known as Mjölnir) was born. Said to be made from the inside the core of a dying star,  many have tried to prove themselves worthy of lifting the hammer but few have succeeded.

Characters that have lifted Thor's hammer

X-Men leader Storm has always had a deep connection with the weather allowing her to conjure up a massive storm when needed. It is perhaps this common connection that she has with Thor (the God of Thunder) that allows her to reach for the mighty hammer and pick it up successfully. Her opportunity came along when she visited Asgard in the 1980's. There were also whispers of a relationship between the two characters.Unfortunately she was not able to hold on to either the hammer or Thor for a longer period. Are you worthy of picking up the hammer? Try your luck playing onThunderstruck or other slot games with bonus features at Royal Vegas Casino. This way you don't have to leave Canada to enjoy endless hours of fun. Thor and Storm fight over the hammer Image Source:


Even though Marvel and DC Comics were trying to get these two characters together for the longest time, it finally took place in 2003 where Superman took on Krona and obviously needed all the ammo he could use. Armed with Captain America's shield, Superman also reached out to pick up the hammer and was successful in lifting it up. Interestingly enough once he had defeated the enemy he tries to lift the hammer up again later on in the comic and was unsuccessful. This scene implied that in order to be worthy enough to pick up the hammer depends on the moment, the person and the circumstance. Superman lifting Thor's hammer Image Spurce: Needless to say lifting Thor's hammer would also require incredible strength. Enter Hulk, probably the perfect man for the job. There are a lot of different opinions about this happening. Some fans have given instances where Thor was holding the hammer and the Hulk merely lifted Thor and his hammer thereby making him worthy of lifting the hammer. In another incident, the Hulk was successful in picking up the hammer but was badly injured in doing so. Either way taking into account his physique and propensity for getting angry, we're putting our money on Hulk for this one. Hulk lifts Thors hammer Image Source: Which character do you believe is worthy of lifting Thor's hammer?

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