Athletes We Want To See In Other Sports

McGregor vs Mayweather Source: The McGregor versus Mayweather crossover match was an event that all but had the entire world paying attention. For those who might not be aware, and those people must have been living under a rock to have not heard about it, acclaimed MMA fighter McGregor entered the boxing ring to face off against legendary boxer Mayweather. Given that McGregor was not practised in boxing, and would be largely entering into a sport he did not normally embrace, the match-up caused controversy, outrage, and no small amount of excitement. But most of all, the match-up once again had people, globally, paying attention to a sporting event, even if they weren’t boxing fans prior to the stunt. This gives rise to the potential of other athlete crossovers, and the enormous amounts of excitement it could generate. What if other athletes crossed over into sports?

Mayweather Vs. McGregor Rematch

The moment the first match-up was concluded, the obvious idea of a rematch surfaced. McGregor has left his comfort zone to face Mayweather, so what if the tables were turned? A simple but obvious follow up match was speculated on, but nothing seemed come of it. If there was a rematch, however, it would almost certainly draw as much attention as the first match-up. Mayweather versus McGregor, round 2, with McGregor fighting MMA, his comfort zone, and Mayweather being the one to be thrown into the deep end. It would certainly be a grand event. However, athlete crossovers can certainly get more creative than this. Conor McGregor- current crossover king Source: Wikimedia

Athlete Crossovers Of The Future?

Mayweather, for example, is known to be an enormous fan of Blackjack. What if he put down the boxing gloves for a while, and took up professional Blackjack? Or what about Wayne Rooney, who has been known for dropping big bucks at the Roulette table? Could he hang up his boots and tackle the world of professional gambling? It would, perhaps, be a sport of a different kind where a boxer is concerned, but the simple notion that Mayweather would be shunning his physical strength, for mental strength, could be the exact kind of event that turned heads. McGregor got into a boxing ring, after all, and many thought that was outrageous. Other such sporting crossovers could be possible in a number of categories, giving rise to the idea that athletes crossing over into difference sports could be a new genre all of it’s own.

Usain Bolt The Football Player

Usain Bolt is known for being the fastest man alive, but has since retired from athletics. Holding the world record in 100 meter, 200 meter, and 100-meter relay, there is certainly no question that he is capable of moving his body where speed is required. But what if this Jamaican sprinter entered the football world? The simple notion of such a possibility is electrifying, and one can’t help but smile at the potential. And, most amazing of all, a rumour has surfaced that Bolt has indeed signed a contract with a Chinese club. It is just rumour at present, but many are holding their breath at the possibility that bolt may be darting across a professional football field. Could we see Usain Bolt on the soccer field? Source: Pixabay

Zlatan Ibrahimović The Fighter

Zlatan Ibrahimović, a forward for the National Swedish football team, is known for his incredible agility. The man is said to perform impossible moves with his body, which may have to do with the fact that he has trained in taekwondo almost his entire life. Football fans, and the world in general, would likely flock to see this famous footballer get into a fighting rink, and put those skills to the test. Just an idea at the moment, but enough attention may make this athlete crossover a possibility.

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