August 2018 Horoscope

What your stars say in August Source: AstroStyle July is now firmly behind us, and surely had more than a few surprises to offer. But as one month comes to an end, another is just getting started. Let’s take a quick look at what August may hold for all 12 signs of the zodiac.


Aries, it looks like new beginnings are on the horizon for you in August! Be it a romantic, creative or financial endeavour, trying new things is on the cards, and should be embraced. Strap in, throw caution to the wind, and let the chips, dice or cards fall where they may.


August will be a busy time for you, Taurus. Things will need to get done, and you may find yourself neglecting other parts of your life. Don’t hold back, and do what you need to do, but also don’t forget to sit back, relax, and take a little you time for some fun and entertainment.


You, Gemini, should be focusing on communication in August, in all its forms. The new moon suggests a new start, perhaps in terms of relationships with a loved one, a travel opportunity, or in a financial endeavour. Strike while the iron is hot, and embrace available resources.


It’s an especially good time for you, Cancer, in terms of finances, or personal property. Take full advantage, get your financial affairs in order, and maybe explore some new avenues in that regard. It might not be a bad time to sign up at a top online casino Canada has to offer, as the stars say you’re going to get lucky!


It’s time for you, Leo, to do some serious thinking, and change your perspectives on certain matters. A personal matter may finally find resolve, or you may make an important personal discovery. Be sure to use this new enlightenment and make the most your opportunities, financial or otherwise.


A time of pondering and personal reflection is coming to an end, Virgo, and you’re ready to once again enter the world and be adventurous. Let loose, take full advantage, and throw caution to the wind. Take a risk, sit back and watch how you win.


Your time in August will perhaps be occupied caring for others, Libra, while you neglect your own needs. Caring is good, but taking time for yourself is just as important. Focus on yourself from time to time, and have a little fun doing what you enjoy.


Your career and public image should be your focus in August, Scorpio. New career opportunities, perhaps offering financial gain, may be opening up. You should leap on them and take full advantage.


Travel or education is on the cards, Sagittarius, suggesting that there may be exploration in your near future. Remember that travel opportunities don’t come to fruition unless you strike while the iron is hot. Travel can likewise be expensive, so don’t forget to watch your bank balance, and take the time to top up your funds.


There will be some focus on partnerships, or shared investment in August, Capricorn. Be sure to nurture the partnerships you value, and give attention where it is required. Also don’t forget that teamwork, between you and a friend or you and a resource, can sometimes be key to the best financial gains.


August is a time that you should focus on family and close relationships, Aquarius. There may be some demanding relationship situations, though results will be rewarding. Take time to refuel your emotional tanks with alone time, and fun activities.


Work, health and diet are your concerns in August, Pisces. No doubt you will want to watch your health, and perhaps work on lowering stress levels. Remember that alone time, entertainment, and fun are always good stress relievers.  

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