Epic online slot: Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail

Enjoy Avalon 2 online slot at Royal Vegas online casino In Avalon II online slot, King Arthur meets his most formidable foe so far – Morgan Le Fay has stolen the Holy Grail and unleashed an unholy nightmare, plunging the kingdom into chaos. As the sworn protector of the realm, it is up to the king to bring back the peace and prosperity to the country. Join King Arthur on his mission at Royal Vegas as you play Avalon II – The Quest for the Grail. When it's time to play, head to Royal Vegas online casino

Avalon II slot features

243 ways to win, Expanding Wilds and an exciting bonus feature - that's Avalon 2 for you! With an impressive 243 ways to win, Avalon II slot is full of winning opportunities:

  • Avalon II-logo is the Wild symbol in the game and substitutes for everything on the reels save for the Scatter symbol
  • The ethereal Lady of the Lake is Expanding Wild on reel 3
  • Scatter symbols can activate the epic bonus feature with at least three Holy Grails on the reels – over and above Scatter wins of course
  • The reclusive wizard Merlin can appear anytime on the screen, giving you magical Mystery Multipliers and bonus wins

Win extra multipliers from Avalon 2 bonus features

The Quest for the Grail bonus feature

The Holy Grail has magical powers in this casino game, and three symbols on your reels will take you in the middle of the chase as King Arthur rides across the country looking for Morgan Le Fay and the Grail – the road is perilous but not without rewards. Travel across the Kingdom and win on Avalon 2 slot game

Lake of Legend

It’s time to bring out the big guns… or rather, big swords – the first port of call in the bonus feature is Lake of Legend where you need to recover the pieces of the famed Excalibur, since King Arthur needs his enchanted sword on the quest. Reclaim the Excalibur for a casino win on Avalon 2 slot

Misty Vale

The road is long, and the search party needs all the help it can get. Therefore, at Misty Vale you win 15 Free Spins with an Extra Wild of your choosing from the high symbols; wins from the Extra Wilds will be automatically doubled. Win Spins with Extra Wilds on Avalon 2 online slot

Whispering Woods

After the Misty Vale, there’s a fork on the road. If you choose Whispering Woods, you will encounter a White Knight who offers you a shield with a bonus win – choose wisely, there are some really cool sums behind the shields. White Knight will bring you bonus wins on Avalon 2 online slot

Forest Falls

The roundabout route to the encampment on Dusky Moors leads through Forest Falls. There you can grab 20 Free Spin with Trailing Wilds™ trickling down the reels like the waterfall surrounding them. Win Free Spins with Trailing Wilds on Avalon 2 online slot

Dusky Moors

The search party will find reinforcements camped up at Dusky Moors, preparing to attack Morgan’s Keep – their help is welcome, especially as they offer a bonus win if you can match two helmet hidden behind twelve cards. Pick bonus win from Avalon 2 bonus features

Morgan’s Keep

Once the troops reach the keep, Morgan Le Fay is nowhere to be found… she seems to have vanished with the Grail. While you regroup and consider your plan B, you can enjoy the loot in Morgan’s Keep: 20 Free Spins with Rolling Reels™. Avalon 2 online slot gives you Spins with Rolling Reels

Hall of Shadows

The sentry who wandered off to the Hall of Shadows by himself, having caught a glimpse of something that looked just like the Grail didn't have a chance… the keep wasn’t entirely abandoned, as Morgan's magic conjured up the nightmarish Black Knight from the shadows. Defeat the Black Knight for an epic win on Avalon 2 This is where the buck stops – it’s your turn to see if you can defeat the Black Knight with your magical sword in an epic duel!

Isle of Avalon

The night is giving way to the dawn, and the Grail has been recovered. The last leg of the journey is the trip to the Isle of Avalon: return the Grail there, and you are rewarded with a spin of the giant multiplier wheel that will make you forget the hardships of the journey… Get a jackpot win from Avalon II online slot With its entertaining bonus game and many great features, Avalon II – the Quest for the Grail is a slot game that will keep you enthralled for a good while… you can play Avalon 2 on the Desktop and Browser casino at Royal Vegas, and enjoy the Arthurian adventure anytime! Ride off to play Avalon 2 online slot at Royal Vegas

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