Burn Calories While Helping the Environment

Going green in the gym Source: Pixabay Whether we like it or not, humanity is at a critical point where our planet is under attack. There are just under 8 billion of us running around, creating waste, polluting the air, eating up natural resources and generally making a mess of things. Environmental advocates have been saying for years that the time to act is now – and they are right. This means recycling your household waste, reducing your carbon footprint and putting the planet first. Realistically though, most people don’t have the time, energy or desire to go out of their way to help the environment. We are a selfish species, and unless it benefits us, we don’t see the need to eat vegan, grow our own veggies and travel by bicycle to work. The good news is that there are plenty of initiatives where you can actually gain physical and emotional benefits, and help the planet at the same time.

The Future of Fitness

Companies all over the world have been trying to come up with ways to use fitness programs to help the environment. Now, it seems, one company has got it right. At Sacramento Eco Fitness you can do your daily workout and produce enough green energy to keep the gym completely off grid. This means you burn calories, sculpt your body, lose weight and help the planet at the same time. Seriously, is there any better way to feel good about yourself?

How the Technology Works

So, how does this amazing piece of technology work? Without going into too much detail, the system harnesses the physical power of your body and converts that energy into usable electricity. So when you are pedalling a bike, running on a treadmill or moving an elliptical machine, you are creating wattage that the machine harnesses and turns into electricity. At Sacramento Eco Fitness, the gym is fitted with advanced SportArt ECO-POWR machines, which contain micro-inverters that then connect to standard wall outlets. The rotational movement of the machines turn the dynamo inside the micro-inverter, thereby producing electricity. It is the same concept used in your car when the fan belt turns the alternator to charge your car battery. Generating power while exercising Source: Pixabay

Power for the People, By the People

The power produced by the machines can either be fed directly into the electrical grid, or used to charge large banks of batteries similar to those used in solar power setups. So how much electricity is actually produced with these machines? According to a rep from Sacromento Eco Fitness, a single cycling class at the gym can produce enough electricity to run two fridges for an entire day. The amount of electricity produced on each machine is entirely dependent on the person operating the machine. If you are not one for sweating or putting in a lot of effort in your workouts, you will produce less energy, but if you can work out hard, or spend some extra time cycling while listening to music, sending emails, or playing at an online casino on you mobile device, you can generate more power. As well as having a personal goal to burn more calories, you also have an environmental goal to produce a certain number of watts. As a general rule, if you burn more calories on your workout, you will produce more green energy for the planet.

Why Go Green?

For the companies using the ECO-POWR machines, there are a lot more benefits than just saving the planet. As a business model, it makes sense. Since installing the eco machines, Sacramento Eco Fitness saw a 96% reduction in their electrical bill. They have designs on going completely off-grid and are installing new SportArt treadmill, which will add even more electricity into the system. Eventually, the gym hopes to produce enough power to share the energy with surrounding businesses. Again, there is motivation to head to the gym, this time to give back to the community. Getting fit just got a lot better, and in the future we are sure to see other gyms and companies adopt the same systems. After all, we’ve only got 1 Earth! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PYzNH1LNAg
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