Sorry (not sorry): Canadian eccentricities we're not apologizing for

Robin Sparkles Canadian gif Image courtesy Oh Canada! Whether it's the weather or a healthy, ruddy-faced obsession with hockey, we can't seem to catch a break from the rest of the world. Firstly, we're sorry. Secondly: deal with it! Images courtesy of

1. The weather's not so bad...

Canadian Weather gif 1 Canadian Weather gif 2 Canadian Weather gif 3 Canadian Weather gif 4

...nice enough to go swimming

Canadian Swimming gif Surfing-in-Canada

or have a lazy sleep-in


maybe you're in the mood for a nice walk

Canada Walking gif

...we admit, though, you may need a degree in archaeology to find your car

Canadian-Parking Canadian-Parking-2

2. Our money isn't that silly (although it should be officially recognized in Monopoly)


(that goes for our passports too)


Illuminati? Pffft. This is our conspiracy

Canadian Scandal

3. Crime does happen in Canada

Canada Robbery Canadian Police Chase gif Canadian-Crime Canadian-Robbery Canadian-Graffiti

We have victims of heinous crimes, too


As well as the occasional riot in the streets

Canadian Riot gif Canadian Riot 2 gif

4. We live with these majestic creatures

Canadian Morning jog

whom we love more than Canadian bacon


although things can get a bit out of hand sometimes


5. We take hockey seriously, but it's for a worthy cause (USA vs Canada, for example)


...and it totally paid off


It's also a very helpful educational tool


and also clears up the 401 quite nicely when the game's on


6. What's the best stereotype though? The fact that we have the tendency to make crummy situations so much better

Canadian-Accident Canada Wallet

So our take on all of this stereotyping? Bring it! We are world-renown for being kind, hockey-crazed and apologetic. I think we can live with that very happily, eh? Want more maple syrup with your post? Have a look at some cold-busting maple cocktails that will tickle your Canadian sensibilities. And, once the cocktails have been made, thaw off your gaming fingers for some Royal Vegas online casino games.

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