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Piggy Riches™ MegaWays™ Review

Piggy Riches | Red Tiger

Piggy Riches™ MegaWays™ is an online slot from Red Tiger Gaming and can be played at Royal Vegas, an . It’s an exciting online and mobile casino game, with the unique MegaWays™ feature. In this review we’ll tell you more about the game itself, what makes MegaWays™ so exciting, the bonus features that you may come across while taking the game for a spin, and we’ll also find out more about Gaming. The game follows Lady and Gentleman Pig as they live it up in their fabulous mansion, surrounded by fountains and lush greenery. As you can well expect, the game is packed with symbols like a luxury car, wallets stuffed with cash, credit cards, bags of gold and jewels. And what would a game with this kind of theme be without a piggy bank? Yes, you’ll come across that as well on the reels. Piggy Riches™ MegaWays™ is available as both a mobile and online casino game and is only one of a line-up of Red Tiger casino games available

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The Gaming World’s Famous Canadians

David Baazov

There are lots of reasons to love Canada, from the beautiful wild lands to the cosmopolitan cities. But many gamers love Canada because regulations let them enjoy their favorite games freely in online casinos from around the world. Gambling laws have changed over the years, but it remains one of the oldest pastimes in the country. One notable development is the increasing number of international online casinos that allow players to play slot games, blackjack, poker, , and other online casino games. Meet 7 famous gamblers who call Canada home. 1. David Baazov David Baazov wasn’t born in Canada, but he was raised in Montreal. His Israeli family moved to Canada when he was just a baby, and due to disagreements with his family he set out on his own at 16. His interest in technology led him to become a big name in the online gambling world. He’s now the CEO of Amaya Gaming Group, the biggest online gambling business worldwide. He got into software development working on computers

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Canadian Casino Layoffs: A Global Reflection

The doors to the Casino Regina closed back in mid-March, leaving hundreds without jobs.

Many companies around Canada have recently had to lay off thousands of workers in response to the current state of global turmoil. The closure of many land-based casinos has also forced many tourists and gamers to turn to their devices to play . But it stunned the Canadian casino industry when two Crown companies (Crown is a major global casino corporation) laid off nearly 600 employees without ongoing supportive income in early April is Saskatchewan. Although it’s been a common practice around the world to halt all non-essential businesses and freeze the employment of all non-essential workers in response to the pandemic, it doesn’t make life any easier for those directly affected. Although Casino Regina and Casino Moose Jaw both state all laid off employees can return to their previous jobs when the casinos reopen, many question the morality behind a powerful corporation letting go of so many employees without providing them stimulus income. Unfortunately, corporations around

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Live Casino Games

Play Live Casino Games at Royal Vegas Casino.

For players who are looking for an authentic casino experience, Royal Vegas offers live casino games with real croupiers in real time. is basically a webcast of a real-life casino dealer presenting the cards or spinning the roulette wheel for players at their desktops or on their device. It’s interactive, so the dealer responds to players’ choices. The three most popular live dealer casino games offered by the most prominent online live casinos are roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. However, players can also occasionally find online casinos that offer live dealer , as well as other forms of live poker. In partnership with our live casino supplier, Evolution gaming, Royal Vegas offers a range of exciting live casino games for players to enjoy. The selection of live casino games on offer include: live Caribbean stud poker, 3 card poker and more. Our online live casino uses a live feed of real croupiers to provide you with a real-life casino experience in the comfort

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5 Of The World’s Best Casino Art Collections

Damien Hirst’s controversial “The Unknown” sculpture sits above The Unknown Bar in The Palms Casino Resort.

When you are planning to visit casinos, you envision yourself playing glistening slots, enjoying exceptional cuisine, and living the high life in a splendid city. However, one attraction most people don’t consider when they think of casinos is art. If you are an art and culture fan, you may be pleasantly surprised to know that a few casinos host some of the globe’s most impressive art collections. You can play your favourite , dine on , and take in some classic art pieces all under one building. Read on for five casinos that host the some of the world’s most famous art.   The Bellagio The Bellagio in Las Vegas is a famous casino in Las Vegas. Known for its opulent, palace-like architecture and luxurious hotel accommodations, this resort and casino attracts people from all over the world. The gallery in the Bellagio also houses fine art from international artists and exhibits. Art curators for the Bellagio museum regularly collaborate with other museums and art collections

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Join the World of Progressive Jackpots

Play progressive slots at Royal Vegas Casino.

Royal Vegas Online Casino has over a decade of experience in the industry, and have cornered the market to offer players the best in terms of . These online offer players cumulative jackpots, which have turned players around the world casino games into millionaires. How Progressive Slots Games Work Progressive Slots are games that are linked across all of the casinos featuring the title in question, including Royal Vegas Casino. Every time anyone plays one of these games, a portion of their bet gets added to the main prize, and this is how it grows so quickly. All the have meters that you can view on your screen, so you're always able to monitor its growth with ease. The progressive jackpot is won when specific icons land on 1 of your paylines. In the King Cashalot Progressive Slot, for example, if 5 of the King icons appeared on the 9th payline, you would win the top prize. Stand a Chance of Winning Big All of the Progressive Slots games at Royal Vegas Casino will have their

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10 Reasons It’s More Fun To Play Casino Games Online

  I like a night out as much as the next girl, with a trip to the casino being one of my favourite ways to play. Sometimes though, I just want to stay in and get my gambling fix online, so here are 10 reasons why it’s more fun to play online. 1. You can still play when you have no money; most online casinos allow you to play for free, which is great for when payday still seems far away, and also a fun way to improve your wagering strategies. 2. You don’t get deposit bonuses at land based casinos. 3. The online tournaments are great fun, allowing you to play against friends and family, as well as other online casino players. 4. It’s not considered very ladylike to trash talk players at the poker table, but online, all bets are off, so feel free to openly gloat about your winning hand. 5. Playing online means there is no need to get all dressed up to go out, in fact, there’s no need to get dressed at all. 6. You don’t spend as much money when you play

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