A Slow Return To Market Health

Investors are keeping an eye on the news.

It’s been a rough few months around the world as markets have slowed to a near standstill, forcing both people and corporations into tough times. With all the uncertainty, many people were left without work and no clear idea of what was to come. But as the health crisis has improved a bit, so has the resulting financial crisis. As the economy normalizes, people have less time for leisure activities such as and home DIY projects. North American markets reflected this with a surge, indicating we’re on the road to recovery. Due to health concerns, many businesses had to close their doors for months, while essential businesses were flooded with demand. However, when forced to stay at home, many of us spent more than usual on online purchases, leisure activities, home improvements and meal delivery. Overall, though, this spring was a slow time economically as people lost paychecks, prepared for an uncertain future, or were simply unable to patronize many of their favorite

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