14 Hottest Music And Video Streaming Apps

a hand holding a remote prepares to turn on a Netflix program with the traditional Netflix logo on a screen

Digital technology and mobile apps have made the world a more convenient and more entertaining place to live. You have likely experienced firsthand how playing online slots at a and has been made much easier with the help of mobile technology. Unstoppable advancements in tech have also revolutionized how we listen to our favorite musical artists and watch television shows with media streaming services. If you think choosing an online casino is daunting, try picking the best streaming service. Fortunately, you have this guide to help you wade through the massive assortment of instant media streaming platforms and services available. The Mobile App Explosion For the last decade, mobile technology has been evolving at a blinding speed. With every year, mobile consumers are getting accustomed to immediate connectivity and instant gratification at their very fingertips. And with the demand for mobile technology and app diversity, so have the mobile tech developers worked hard to

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The World Wide Web Turned 30

After 30 years, the World Wide Web floods all areas of our life.

The internet was developed from the mid-1950s whereby packet switching was utilised to pass data back and forth over a network. So-called internet protocol communications were first put into action in the 1970s. The interconnectivity that the burgeoning internet was suggesting would only become possible with further steps. It still needed a system to give it a practical application. Until the world wide web was invented by a scientist working at CERN - the European Organisation for Nuclear Research – no such system existed. Before Tim Berners-Lee, the Englishman who came up with the notion of the world wide web, the internet was only used for small networks, to connect some of the world's supercomputers and for certain military applications. What Berners-Lee developed was a system whereby all of the world's computers could connect to one another in a meaningful way. His invention has just turned 30 years of age. Do we really understand it? What Is the World Wide Web? In 1980,

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