The Most Popular Celebrity Chefs Of All Time

Julia Child’s kitchen on display at the National Museum of American history Source: Commons Wikimedia CC by S-ca Who hasn’t flicked through television channels only to stumble upon a delectable looking dish on an addictive cooking show? Your stomach draws you in, but the famous celebrity chefs have you coming back for more. We can spend hours in front of the TV watching our favorite celebrity chefs. But most of us have busy schedules and are pressed for time. Moving to mobile online casino may free up you up to play on the go. And in the same way, we look to our favorite chefs to help us save time. These popular chefs have helped save millions hours in the kitchen with creative and fun recipes over the years. While this list can’t include every famous chef, and we’ve had to include just a select group, we picked some of our favorites to showcase here.

1. Julia Child

First, let’s dive back into the beginning of celebrity chefdom. So much of what we recognize in today’s food television dates back to Julia Child’s The French Chef, which first aired in 1963. Americans came to know and love Julia for her strings of pearls, colorful advice, delicious home cooking, and frequent mistakes. And we can’t forget Julia Child’s first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, which brought French cuisine to the rest of the world.

2. Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri serves up flavor to American troops. Source: Sgt. Christopher Gaylord/Wikimedia Welcome to Flavortown, friends! Guy Fieri first hit the celebrity chef scene in 2006, when he won the second season of Food Network Star. Now, he’s instantly recognized around the world for his icy, bleached, spiked hair; sunglasses; bowling shirts; and that 1967 red Chevy convertible he drives around. Fieri brings fame to "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" on his show of the same name. And he’s also starred in shows like Guy’s Big Bite, Guy’s Big Project, and Guy’s Grocery Games. And when he’s not on television, he might be visiting one of the 60 restaurants he’s opened across the globe, or writing yet another cookbook.

3. Paula Deen

Paula Deen serves up a pile of buttery goodness. Source: Aaron Davidson/Getty Images Oh, Paula Deen. She sets our hearts aflutter with questions of what she might say next, but she also sends our cholesterol through the roof with fried cheesecake and countless sticks of butter. Deen has often been accused of racism over the course of her career, but we still can’t escape her influence. With shows like Paula’s Home Cooking, Paula’s Party, and Paula’s Best Dishes, she made explosions of fatty, fried food staples in home kitchens.

4. Rachel Ray

Elizabeth Edwards talks with Rachael Ray during an episode of The Rachael Ray Show taped on Wednesday, August 22, 2007, in New York. Source: David M. Russell/Wikimedia Even if you’ve never seen one of Rachel Ray’s weekday morning cooking/talk shows, you’ve probably heard of her. At the very least, you’ve probably seen her line of dog food (Rachel Ray Nutrish) or her line of cooking tools. Rachel has written loads of cookbooks and is known as an "approachable" celebrity chef—very different from the next chef on our list.

5. Gordon Ramsay

Ramsay cooks and gives advice in 2006. Source: Dave Pullig /Wikimedia If you’re not familiar with Gordon Ramsay, get F!&$#-ing ready. This chef is known for his—ahem—more colorful language in the kitchen. The star of shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares gives aspiring cooks nightmares when they think about joining him in the kitchen. He’s earned his reputation. Ramsay has 16 Michelin stars and appears on over a dozen television shows. But Ramsay has a softer side. He appears as the heartwarming, loving judge on Masterchef Junior, a competition show for children. His advice for working with kids: don’t curse!

6. Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver flashes his usual smirk in 2014. Source: Wikimedia The world met Jamie Oliver as The Naked Chef over 20 years ago, in 1999, and we were never the same again. Everyone wanted to take a bite of the cute, British chef. But Oliver wanted to teach us how to make clean, simple food for friends. His brand exploded, and Oliver starred in nearly 30 TV shows and specials. He also opened 25 restaurants and a chain of cooking schools, though most of those (22 of 25 restaurants) were forced to close by 2019.

7. Alice Waters

Alice Waters at Viader Vineyards in Napa, California Source: David Sifry /Wikimedia In the organic and slow-food movements, no name is bigger than that of Alice Waters. The restaurateur, writer, chef, and owner of Chez Panisse has been in the game since 1971. Chez Panisse, her restaurant in Berkeley, CA, has been ranked many times as one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Waters works to educate children on organic and local foods through her Edible Schoolyard program, and has written more than 10 books on the subject or organic foods.   Are you interested in reading more about food, diets, and fame? You may also like this article about Vegan vs. Plant-Based Diets.
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