Cool Chain Reaction Machines

Chain reaction machines use physics to create fun machinesSource: Photo by Georg Eiermann on Unsplash

We all have our own things we like to do with extra time on our hands. Some of us sit back and watch TV, or play in our favorite online casino. But some very creative—and patient—people have been using their time at home to create crazy chain reaction machines. Chain reaction machines offer a playful and inventive way of exploring gravity, electricity, motors, circuitry, friction, acceleration, and hypothesis testing. Royal Vegas Casino lists some of the most impressive ones out there. Check out videos of these wacky machines, and maybe get inspired to build your own.

What’s a chain reaction machine?

A chain reaction machine, sometimes known as a Rube Goldberg machine, is usually a homemade machine put together out of a random collection of objects. Usually, the machines use a silly amount of steps and mechanics in order to accomplish something fairly simple. It’s like a row of falling dominoes, but way more complex.

People who build them use all sorts of scientific concepts, and a lot of help from gravity, in order to build their machines. They sometimes even incorporate electronics to make them even cooler. Building one of these machines takes a lot of trial and error, as well as problem solving skills. Who knows, maybe you can use some of the skills that make you good at casino games to build your own machine! Here’s a look at 5 impressive chain reaction machines.

The Lemonade Machine

Thirsty for a nice glass of lemonade? You would be after taking the time and effort to build this huge chain reaction machine! This family used their whole house, and yard, to create a giant machine with a simple purpose: making lemonade! They used everyday objects in creative ways, pulling items from their kitchen, bathroom, and toys to make the machine. We’ll probably stick with making lemonade the old fashioned way…

The Quarantine Machine

If you’re cooped up at home and happen to have a large stash of toilet paper, then this one’s for you. These guys used their stockpile of TP, as well as books, strings, ramps, balls, fans, and other household items to turn their house into a huge chain reaction machine. They used their video to remind everyone to wash their hands, too!

The Perfect Cookie

Snack time? If you’re craving cookies, check out this ridiculous machine made to dunk cookies into a glass of milk. It’s made to perfectly dip the cookie into the milk so it’s ready for a delicious snack. They’ve used building toys, kitchen utensils, a motor, and a ball that launches across the room to create this complete unnecessary machine. He deserves a cookie after finishing this one.

Let them Eat Cake!

While you’re in the kitchen…this guy was tired of waiting for dessert while he ate dinner. So he played around until he was able to make a machine that prepared his cake while he ate. He spent three months working on the machine—and his hard work shows! At one point he even uses a vibrating phone to trigger the next part of the chain reaction (and some help from his kid). There are also components that fly through the air (which he has to duck to avoid getting hit!). This one is definitely a lighthearted take on the chain reaction machine—you can tell he had a lot of fun making it.

Playing Dominoes

Dominoes are the most classic component of a perpetual motion machine. This girl spent 25 hours building a massive spiral of dominoes that used 15,000 dominoes. It doesn’t really achieve a “purpose” like the other chain reaction machines, but it’s amazing to watch. She uses colors and different sizes of dominoes, which are triggered in perfect sequence to create a beautiful pattern as they all fall down one by one. It’s hard to believe she made the whole thing without accidentally knocking one over and having to start again!

What will you build?

Thinking of building your own machine? Check out some basics on how they’re built. Your first one might not take up the whole house, but it will still be fun to gather supplies and test your process. If you don’t have the patience to build your own Rube Goldberg machine, you can always stay entertained playing fun progressive slots at Royal Vegas instead!

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