December 2018 Horoscope

  December 2018 Horoscope Source: Darkstar Astrology October and November were certainly interesting months, with many unexpected and unforeseen turns of events. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect your December to hold, taking you through into a brave new year.


The New Year is going to be a big one for you Aries, and it will have a deep impact on a very personal level. It’s time to think about your future and in what fashion you’re moving towards it. You experienced a loss in 2018 and perhaps it’s time to populate your future with a few gains.


You have always had a vested interest in ownership Taurus, but this is all about to change in the coming month. It will affect a close relationship for the better, and perhaps help you realise that ownership is not just about relationships, with personal gain possible in other areas.


You’ve had some major achievements this year Gemini, and you’re allowed to be proud of them as the year draws to a close. Celebrate your achievements, take a load off, and revel in your victories with a little personal time, just having fun.


A major breakthrough is due for you this month, Cancer, perhaps even spelling the end of the tough time that has haunted you. The key is to relax, have faith and let the fortune come to you in the most natural of fashion.


You’ve been thinking about your fortunes recently, Leo, things you have gained and things that have slipped between your fingers. The key is to move forward, forget the losses and focus on the positive benefits that you’ve managed to cling too. More are surely in your future.


It’s is all coming together for you Virgo, and you are nervous about what the future might hold. There are going to be lasting changes heading into 2019, so be prepared to accept them and make the most of them. Big change is always good, just be sure to keep in mind that sometimes you have to make change happen in unexpected, albeit obvious ways.


2018 has been tough on you Libra, but you’ve also managed to make lemonade out of every lemon thrown your way. You’re stronger for it, and ready to take on 2019 wiser and more prepared. This gutsy, confident mind set is a good place for you to be, just don’t let the momentum pass you by without taking full advantage of it, throwing caution to the wind and indulging in a few risks.


You’re worried about a decision, Scorpio, and are afraid to take the first few steps. Let this be the sign you were waiting for, informing you that the coast is clear, you can take that risk, and chances are it will turn out for the best. In this case, your bravery will be rewarded, one way or the other.


Signs show that it is an especially good time for financial gain, Sagittarius. In fact, one of the best you’ve seen in a very long time. Business, career, household and possessions all are in a position to benefit greatly, if you take the leap of faith and reach for your fortune. Remember; fortune favours the brave.


Use a little imagination in your New Year’s Resolutions and you may see yourself richly rewarded Capricorn. Breaking bad habits, exploring new horizons and meeting new people are all on your cards, as well as finding new paths to prosperity.


Your deepest dreams are on the brink of success Aquarius, and ready for you to manifest them into reality. Just remember that manifesting these wishes will usher in not only a new level of fortune, but also a new normal for your life in general. Take those first steps.


You like to worry, Pisces, but this December is time to put worries aside and embrace a brighter future than you’ve imagined. Put stress and overthinking aside, and take a plunge. You’ll be glad that you did. If good fortune is in your future why not sign up at Royal Vegas Casino? There are hundreds of top class online casino games waiting to make you a winner!

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