Deleting Facebook From Your Life

How to delete your Facebook account Source: Pixabay We are most definitely living in a digital age, and like almost everything else this can be good or bad. Everyone needs to find the right balance, where they feel that they are controlling the technology in their lives, and not the other way around. For every individual, this balance is different. For a lot of people, social media is one area they really want to control more. Losing hours to scrolling through Instagram or Twitter is far too easy. Facebook can steal even more of your time, and poses other concerns too, plus it cuts into those valuable minutes when you could be enjoying casino games, and that’s missing out on something that is a lot more rewarding.

Possible Issues with Facebook

While you are experiencing the good and bad parts of your own life, when you look through Facebook you are only seeing the highlight reels of others. This can lead to unequal comparisons, and make you feel bad about yourself or even depressed. As well as this, you might be connecting with others on social media rather than in real life. There’s no substitute for human contact, but in today’s busy world socialising online is often the easier option. And Facebook does make that much simpler. Aside from social and psychological concerns, many people have issues with the way Facebook uses and keeps information on you. We’re all still reeling a little from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after all. The way Facebook can mine and sell data on you, to advertisers or even intelligence agencies, is pretty disturbing. So there are definite issues with the granddaddy of social media platforms. If you feel like you need to take a break from it all, you are definitely not alone. We’ve put a step-by-step guide together on exactly how to do it.

To Deactivate or Delete?

Changing the focus from Facebook Source: Pixabay Think twice before you leave Facebook. Social media really can be a force for good or evil, and it has become inextricably linked with modern society. If you are not on the network, your job prospects, friendships and other opportunities could be affected. Connecting with others, especially friends who are in other parts of the world, is a lot easier thanks to Facebook. Rather than leaving the platform completely, you might want to take a break and give yourself time to have a digital detox. Resetting this way can help you manage how much time you’re spending on the site, or how much of your information the social media corporation has access to. If this is the case for you, you might choose to deactivate rather than delete your account. This less extreme measure freezes your account, and allows you to go back to it whenever you want. When you are ready to reactivate your account, all your information is still there. On the other hand, deleting your account is a much more serious, and permanent, step. The data is held in several background networks that can take up to 90 days to clear but once it is gone, you’ll never be able to get it back. In all honesty, governmental agencies still might be able to see your data – we don’t know what Facebook really does with the information – but nobody else will. Certain things, such as messages to friends, are not stored in your account and will remain visible. Because deleting your account is considered such a serious step, Facebook has a grace period of about 14 days after you initiate the process. If you log on during this period, the deletion is cancelled. Presumably, a lot of people regret their decision during this cool-off period, and rush back to reinstate their accounts.

Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you want to delete or deactivate your account, our guidelines will show you how to do it:

  1. Delete your linked apps: Often we log into other apps such as Spotify via Facebook, giving out information about our activities every time we do. Remove these links to instantly curb the data that is being mined on you. From successive drop-down menus, choose “Settings”, “Apps”, “Edit” and then “Apps, websites and plug-ins”. Disable the platform, and then delete the linked apps.
  2. Remove your active history: Remove all traces of your recent activity. Choose “Activity Log” and then “Edit”, then delete every listed action.
  3. Backup your data: Remember, you won’t be able to see anything if you delete your account. Perform a backup if you want to hold onto photos, contact details or anything else. Go to “Settings” and under “General Account Settings”, choose to download a copy of your data.
  4. Deactivate or delete your account: To deactivate, choose the ”General” tab, click “Manage Your Account” and then choose the deactivate option. To delete, you need to click on the Help menu and search for “delete account”. The answer has a link that says “let us know”. Clicking this will redirect you to a page with a button that says “delete my account”.
  5. Enjoy a new Facebook-free existence!

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