DIY Recyclable Fashion

Give your jeans new life Source: Pixabay Is there anything as heart breaking as having to throw out an old, favourite item of clothing? Parting with a pair of jeans that has shared your life and all its ups and downs, been with you for years, or just made your butt look really good, even on fat days, can be traumatic. But don’t worry, it turns out with a little creativity, and tiny bit of elbow grease, you can transform your old clothing and give it new life. Your old, trusted pair of jeans or jacket will not only avoid the trash heap, but also live on as something it - or you - probably never dreamed of. Sort of like reincarnation for clothing. What could be more perfect than that? To give you some idea of what to do with those items stuffed at the back of your wardrobe, we’ve come up with a few awesome recycling ideas that will breathe new (and sometimes unexpected) life into what you used to wear…

From Socks To Sock Monkeys

When socks reach the end of the road, there is normally so little of them left that they might as well be dust rags. Or, heartbreakingly, they also sometimes land up in the trash. But hold your horses, your old socks need not be in the trash, or being repurposed as dust rags. Instead, save a few pairs and create your very own sock monkeys. Yes, there is a little work involved, but the results are absolutely perfect children’s toys. Plus, you won’t have to win big at online casinos just to be able to afford the necessary supplies for this project, and if you don’t have kids, you can always donate your little monkeys to those less fortunate.

From Jeans To Napkins

Everyone has a favourite pair of jeans, and throwing them out is almost too much to bear. So, here is the ultimate way to keep your jeans living on, and serving a humble service. Denim, as it turns out, is a great material for napkins. The conversion is a simple one, and can be done in a few hours by someone skilled with a needle and thread. Though, anyone mildly familiar with how such tools work can get the job done with a simple online guide. Plus, imagine how impressed guests will be when you tell them that the napkins were made with your own two hands. Added bonus; denim napkins wash super well.

From Sweaters To Socks

Now that your old socks have been turned into monkeys, you’ll need a new pair, of course. But don’t head out to the shops just yet. It turns out that you can transform old sweaters into thick, comfortable sweater socks. Just cut the sleeves and sew them closed at what was the arm opening for your hand; you’ll be glad you did when winter settles in. As a side note, sweater socks are great for bed, and may well end up saving you a small fortune on heating bills. You just can’t beat how warm and cosy they are. Bonus tip; briefly warm them up in the oven before bed for next level comfort while you’re relaxing before sleep time – just don’t forget to take them out before you close your eyes for the night! Turn your shirt into a scarf Source: Pixabay

From Shirt To Scarf

Last but not least, flannel shirts are prime scarf material, and are easy to convert with just a few tweaks and snips. You might want to get the sweater socks and scarves going in tandem if winter is approaching, and trust us when we say you’ll be saving big all round. This is also the easiest DIY project on the list, for those who are just getting started with clothing recycling. A shirt can be transformed into a scarf with minimal effort, and really looks great once it’s done. Ready to get creative? Check out what’s in your wardrobe and see how you can repurpose it rather than chucking it out.
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