Does Card Counting Work?

Card counting isn't illegal but it is frowned upon. The concept of card counting has, over the years, become popularised within films like Hangover and 21 and left many wondering, is card counting really possible? And if so, is it something anyone can do, or do you need to be Rain Man to do it?

What is card counting

Simply put, card counting is the practice of recording what cards have already been played in order to better predict what is still to be played. Now, if you're Rain Man, that means recalling every single card that has been played and using statistical algorithms to determine what cards are likely to come next. The everyday man, however, has a much more simple means of utilising card counting. This basic form of card counting involves assigning -1 to low-value cards, 0 to neutral middle of the card value cards and +1 to high-value cards. A player then uses this system to keep a count of every card that is drawn. After betting low for a couple of hands to get an accurate count, a player would then engage aggressively on a low count (meaning a lot of low-value cards have been drawn leaving high-value cards in the deck), and conservatively when the count is high (with only low-value cards in the deck). You can find out more about this form of card counting here.

Online vs Real World

In the real world, at the right casinos at particular tables, card counting is possible. However, it is only possible with the right variants of particular games with as few decks as possible and no shoe (the automated shuffle machines casinos use) to shuffle the deck after each hand. This does leave players with the smallest of windows to exploit. CardCounting Alternatively, in the online world card counting is just not possible. Each hand of a particular game is interpreted and decided with the use of a unique randomly generated number. The numbers are generated from millions of combinations at the start of each hand leaving no room for even the most sophisticated supercomputers to make accurate predictions on the result on any given hand. You may not be able to predicate the outcome but you can play table games at Royal Vegas Canadian casino today and lady luck may just be on your side.

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