Fantasy Football for Beginners

Fantasy Football League Source: Before I tackle Fantasy Football in terms of how it works and so forth, I want to speak about an interesting article I read written by an American historian by the name of Eric Allen Hall. Of note is the de-humanising effect that this type of legalised betting is having on the player and on the other side of the coin is the simple fact that players are earning more money. The extra money that NFL players earn from the Fantasy League movement is not direct, but rather a result thereof. You see, fantasy league gaming generates more interest in the NFL (the league mentioned in Hall’s article), thus garnering more fans. In addition to this, you get websites like DraftKings that facilitate genuine cash rewards from one’s love of fantasy league betting. If DraftKings starts sponsoring NFL events, you can bet those players will profit. I remember when I was coming up, I often heard the phrase “Money is the root of all evil.” As I got older I would kid around and say “Well, actually it’s the lack of money that’s the route of all evil.” But as I reflect upon it all now, I realise that it’s about responsibility. Money, like almost anything, can be used for good and bad endeavours. It’s a double-edged sword at the end of the day and I think that this was the gist of the argument that the writer was making. Players are feeling the brunt. To them, the perception is that they’ve become nothing but pawns in an online game of chess that has outcomes based around nothing more than money and bragging rights. And yet there is no denying the fact that the Fantasy League in America has become another hand that feeds them.  European football has not entered into this type of legalised betting within the fantasy league. Trust the Americans to find some weird loophole and to monetise it. Fantasy Football Source:

Getting Started

From what I gather, there are many benefits to joining a fantasy league, especially if you’re an aficionado. You’re assigned a budget, you get to choose your own team, and the points you generate in the game are directly influenced by the actual performances of those players.  As a fan of the sport, it also lets you sharpen your analytical skills and this in turn can lead to multiple applications. You’ll need to sign up, that’s usually a breeze, and once that’s out of the way you’ll be given a fixed amount of cash. How you work with this cash is up to you, but know that once it’s up, it’s up.  Player prices will vary depending on their real-life performance and from the 15 players that you can choose (I’m using European football as an example), here’s how it all breaks down:

  • 5 Defenders
  • 2 Goal Keepers
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Strikers

Your team can be chosen from a total of three teams, the combination of which will no doubt make for some interesting and surely exciting fantasy league playing.

Fantasy League Gaming

There’s a lot to take in and a lot to do in fantasy league gaming. The intricacies far outweigh those of online casino gaming for instance, where some might say it’s nothing more than pushing a button and hoping for a positive outcome.  And this is true. Fantasy league gaming essentially means that you’re a team manager overseeing every single attribute of your team’s performance. You have to select your captain and vice-captain, and depending on the avatar’s real-life representative, these positions can be interchangeable. In other words, if the captain plays zero minutes during the gameweek, he’ll be relegated to vice-captain.  The same can be said about other positions, such as that of goalkeeper or any other player who achieves zero minutes during game time. The system of substitution plays a key role in fantasy league. The Transfer Market facilitates the buying and selling of players. Depending on when these transactions take place can have a knock-on effect on your point system. Chips can be used to improve your team’s performance and can be used just once in a gameweek. You can triple your Captain points or boost the potential of your bench players or the formation of your team. As I alluded to before, realtime events directly impact your fantasy league, so your player’s performance in real life has an effect  all the way down to things like red cards, yellow cards and own goals. I’m not going to pretend like I have all the answers on fantasy league gaming. My editors have insisted that I try my hand at this one and so I have. I can only hope that if you haven’t come upon the concept before, that you now have a better understanding thereof. Until next time, adios. Football Player Source:

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