Food for thought. And belly.

Food Trends 2017 Credit: Before you get too serious about the resolutions of a “healthier me”, stop, collaborate and listen! Or rather, stop, read and drool. But don’t worry – I won’t lead you astray with pictures of lavish chocolate cakes oozing a rich molten chocolate filling. The food trends for 2017 are astonishingly healthy, yet delicious, innovative and crammed with flavors. You might just find a lot of inspiration for your healthy food choices right here!

Foodie trends at home

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Food Trends 2017 Poke Credit: Poke (Po-keh) is basically Hawaiian raw fish salad made either with tuna, salmon or octopus, soy sauce, onion, spices and spring onion. Where to get it? Restaurants, street-food joints, takeaways or simply homemade! Looks good, taster better and is ultra-healthy.

Flower Power of the Cauli-variant

Food Trends 2017 Cauliflower Credit: Cauliflower has been growing in popularity ever since the Banting diet, and the popularity of this versatile and low-carb veggie keeps increasing. Cauliflower can be used as a substitute for a variety of foods, ranging from mash and rice to pizza bases, roasts and even sizzling steaks. This is an easy way of ensuring you get your “5-a-day”!

In the restaurant

Sugar and spice…

Food Trends 2017 Sweet and Salty Credit: …combined are nice! We’ve already tasted amazing combinations like salted caramel, but 2017 things will really take off on the salty-sweet side of things. You can look forward to ice creams with exotic flavours like black olive brittle and goat’s cheese or butternut squash, multi-faceted milkshakes and cocktails, and salty main courses with sweet elements.

Back to nature

Food Trends 2017 Sustainable cooking Credit: Sustainability and the environment remain at the top of all discussion lists – and it’s no different in the culinary world. Locally sourced produce and natural, clean ingredients (whole grains, salads and fruit, also on the kiddies menus), house-made produce, on-site brewing etc. are going to make regular appearances on the culinary scene.

Fresh meat

Food Trends 2017 Charcuterie Boards Credit: And smoked, cured, braised, grilled, roasted… in line with the sustainability, chefs are tending more and more toward using the entire animal. This includes using the less tender cuts like the strip steak and slow-cooking them to attain optimal tenderness and curing and smoking meats to create charcuterie boards. The use of lesser known meats is also on the rise - you could be eating elk steaks soon

General development

Bye, sugar!

Food Trends 2017 Sugar Free Foods Credit: Diabetes, obesity, heart disease… the increase of these horrors has lead to a stronger awareness about the daily sugar intake. Low-sugar and sugar-free products are on the rise, and the newly implemented soda-taxes on sugary drinks that many countries have taken over, are leading to a decrease in the daily sugar intake.

Nothing trashy please

Food Trends 2017 Reducing Food Waste Credit: Reducing food waste is one of the biggest trending topics, with France passing a law that supermarkets are not longer allowed to throw out expired foods, many other countries are expected to follow suit. This leads to concepts like root-to-stem cooking, utilizing produce to its fullest and manufacturers finding new and innovative ways to use the produce, from composting or donating to food banks to creating completely new products. While we're on the topic... ...why not check out the foodie slot games at Royal Vegas? What are you in the mood for? Chinese cuisine? Try Win Sum Dim Sum and spin your way to yummy wins! Explore the pantry of games on offer and find your delicious favorite!  
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