Gambling Myths Explored

Gambling Myths Source: Pixabay Ah yes, gambling myths, if only they were true and if only they actually worked. I’ve had my finger on the pulse of the gambling fraternity for a while now and I can tell you with confidence that casinos online, land-based and mobile have all the angles covered. There is no way you can scam a casino, it’s simply not possible. Yes, there have been attempts and probably even success stories, but the thing is once the perps were caught, there was usually hell to pay. And that’s the thing, casinos are legally regulated institutions so to try and scam them is considered illegal. I’m sure there will be those voices who at this point will pipe up with statements like “But casinos scam players all the time!” or “The whole industry is a scam!” Here’s the thing, you’ve got to be strong if you want to gamble - and by strong I mean you need to have a strong constitution. Gambling is not for the drunk and the weak-willed, even though these players are the bread and butter of the industry. Over the course of gambling’s modern history, myths have emerged, ones which I’ll touch on and debunk. I’ll also share my own gambling story and round things off with a legend in the gaming fraternity.

Gambling Myths, Stories & Legends

Gambling Myths, Stories & Legends Source: Pixabay

Gambling Myths

Let’s start with dispelling a bunch of gambling myths and believe me, there are myths to dispel! Like the one that you’re due a big fat win if you’ve been on a losing streak. It’s so easy to fall for this one too; if the pendulum swings one way, it will certainly swing the other, right? While that might be true in most matters, it’s regrettably not true in the gambling fraternity. Of course what makes it so hard to let go of this notion is the fact that machines do get hot. I’ve seen it! I’ve watched people sit in front of a slot machine and get bonus game after bonus game after bonus game. Here’s the thing, it’s rare and I don’t even want to know how much money has already been invested by the player. Players who usually hit this kind of heat will tell you that you need to invest heavily to see a good return. I say play responsibly, end of.

Gambling Stories

Another classic myth that needs busting is the expectation of a certain outcome. Roulette provides the perfect example of this type of thinking. If you’ve ever played it  at an online casino or a land based casino, it makes no difference. The myth remains the same. You don’t even need to play; you can just stand at the table and watch the on-going’s of the game. A somewhat proven formula to make money fast in roulette is to opt for colour bets or column bets. This means that you choose a betting option that has one of two outcomes. I’ve done it myself… Years ago my friend Dave and I found ourselves in the local casino with 50 bucks. We were amateurs and we had little to no idea what we were doing. So I looked at the consistency of the colours – red, black, black, black, red, red, black – and based on what I was seeing, I worked out a pattern in my head. I can assure you now, it’s all bollocks, and yet for a while it worked. I told Dave what colour to choose and we won! Just like that we had a hundred bucks. Suddenly we were excited, suddenly we had hope and suddenly we believed we could win! I watched the colours some more and told Dave which one to choose. Boom! Two hundred bucks. We couldn’t believe it; we were on a role! Dave and I, barely out of university at the time, continued to watch the wheel spin. I chose a colour again and low and behold we had C$400 and 5 minutes had barely passed. It felt like easy money and it felt great. We knew we had to it again and we knew luck was on our side. Dave laid the 400 hundred bucks down with the intention of a grand total of C$800 coming our way. We could taste the pending victory. I don’t need to tell you that things didn’t go as planned. In the blink of an eye we lost all the money and as if to add insult to injury, we didn’t have any money to pay the parking meter.

Gambling Legends

The world of gambling is littered with legendary stories and legendary gamblers, so it’s only fair we cap this one off on a positive note and speak about Ashley Revell. If you’re still a little wet behind the ears, then you may not have heard about this bloke, but if you’ve been playing to win for a while, then there’s a good chance you have. Anyway, Ashley Revell was either really stupid or he had some serious balls. This guy sold all his belongings – his house, his car – you name it, it was wholesale. He took all the money, approximately C$178 000, flew to Vegas and like myself and Dave did, he bet it all on a single spin of roulette. Lady luck was massaging the man’s shoulders. He doubled it, cashed out and went down gambling history as one of the legends. I don’t necessarily advocate gambling, and by this I mean one should carefully consider it before embarking on it. I’ll say this much though, you can’t win if you don’t play. Good luck!

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