Game of Thrones™ online slot review

Journey to Westeros at Royal Vegas: play Game of Thrones™ online slot If you’ve managed to never hear the Game of Thrones℠ opening theme thus far – well, you’re out of luck: the handsome, thrilling tune launches one of the most epic slots at Royal Vegas. While it plays, you get to have a good look at the world of Westeros, for it is the Seven Kingdoms where you are headed in the Game of Thrones™ online slot!

Best features of the Game of Thrones™ online slot

For the fans of the popular HBO® series Game of Thrones℠, this slot game will be a welcome treat on- and off-season (with George R. R. Martin is taking his time with the books, we’re all ever so desperate for new adventures in Westeros ). The game soundtrack is pure adrenaline and adds to the atmosphere of the slot game which also gets a good boost from video clips interspersed between the features.

Battle for the Iron Throne – Free Spins

The Seven Kingdoms can be a handful for any ruler, and in the Game of Thrones™ online slot four noble families are staking their claim for the Iron Throne in earnest: three to five Scatters launches the Free Spins feature in the slot game that tests your allies and alliances. Win Spins on Game of Thrones™ online slot at Royal VegasWho would you rather see ruling Westeros? The contenders in the game are:

  • House Baratheon: the ruling family offers 8 Free spins with 5x Multiplier for your support
  • House Lannister: with the gold mines of the west behind them, this family can offer you 10 Free Spins and a 4x Multiplier for support – and remember, a Lannister always pays his debts
  • House Stark: winter is coming which the North remembers well… with that in mind, maybe you’d want to take their offer for 14 Free Spins with 3x Multiplier?
  • House Targaryen: de-throned, dispossessed but not beaten, the line of fire and blood offers you 18 Free Spins with 2x Multiplier

Are you for Lannister, Stark, Baratheon or Targaryen on Game of Thrones™ online slot?

Journey across Westeros – the Gamble feature

For an unrivalled adventure, the Gamble feature on Game of Thrones™ online slot gives you up to four chances to flip a coin as you travel from beyond the Wall all the way across the Narrow Sea in order to double your win many times and more. Valar Morghulis - play Game of Thrones™ online slot at Royal Vegas Follow the Three-Eyed Raven, flick the coin and start your journey from beyond the Wall – valar morghulis, all men must die… but today is not the day! You may want to give the White Walkers a wide berth though, unless you’re packing some dragonglass or Valyrian steel. Meet the Three Eyed Raven and White Walkers on Game of Thrones™ online slot If you manage not to lose your gamble with the Others (side effects include turning into a Wight), you’ll make your way to the Wolfswood, the home of the fierce Direwolf. Can you tame the beast for an even bigger win? Speaking of beasts, none are as majestic (or fearsome) as Dragons… and rumours of hatchlings abound in Essos. Find out if there’s any truth to them on the Game of Thrones™ online slot! Direwolf or Dragon? Can you tame them both on Game of Thrones™ online slot?

Paytable achievements

As you play, you can win – paytable achievements give you extra prizes for collecting symbol combinations. Will your paytable turn gold with all achievements unlocked? Complete achievements on Game of Thrones™ online slot as you play

Do you want to play with 15 lines or 243 ways?

Game of Thrones™ online slot was released in two versions on all Royal Vegas platforms – the simpler 15-line slot game and the gold standard, 243-ways video slot are playable on Desktop, Browser and Mobile.

Paylines on 15-line Game of Thrones™ online slot

Game of Thrones™ online slot with 15 paylines

  • Simple, set paylines
  • Maximum jackpot is 750,000 coins
  • Free Spins and cinematic Gamble feature

Getting started on 243-ways Game of Thrones™ online slot

You have 243 ways to win on Game of Thrones™ online slot

  • A huge number of left-to-right symbol combinations
  • Scatter pays in any direction
  • An Iron Bank-blowing jackpot of 6,050,000 coins

Some things are worth waiting for - Game of Thrones™ online slot was definitely one of them. As the wait is now over, we’ll eagerly await for the next season of the series while we play… and the next book… and the one after that! In the mean time... When it's time to play, head to Royal Vegas online casino From the casino to Westeros - Game of Thrones™ online slot is at Royal Vegas

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