Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn online slot

Play Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn online slot at Royal Vegas online casinoSaskia, the bad gal of the Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn online slot, was a star pupil of a top-secret government training programme… thanks to her losing it after losing out to young Katherine in class rankings, she was duly shipped off to a maximum security facility for safekeeping. After disappearing for years Saskia is back for round 2 with a doomsday weapon that turns climate change on its head. Save the day on Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn online slot at Royal Vegas It’s all hands on deck as Girls with Guns take on Saskia’s frost-covered lair, where the criminal mastermind and her mission control is heavily guarded by cybernetically enhanced ninjas in this awesome slot sequel for Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat.

Cool slot features

This showdown plays out at Royal Vegas online casino with the fate of the world and a jackpot of 546,250 coins at stake. Girls with Guns have their James Bond-style gadgets, and the game doesn’t lack special features either. Here are some of the treats that you’ll find during your mission, should you choose to accept it!

Special Wild

Go wild with wins on Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn online slot The game has 5x3 reels and 243 ways to win, and to increase your chances to win further there are plenty of Wild wins waiting. If you catch the team taking a moment to assemble for a group shot on reel 3, the Expanding Wild will make the whole reel Wild in the base game.

Shootout bonus

Another treat in the base game is the Shootout bonus – if you missed your shot with a payout (I know, doesn’t happen often to Girls with Guns) the auxiliary power system can kick in, powering up the holographic sights on the reels and you’ll see one of the girls take another shot for an extra payout. Shootout Bonus gives you payouts if even if your spin didn't win

Score 12 Free Spins

Three Scatters is a good start for Free Spins in the slot game (if you get four or five it’s even better). You get to pick a Wild feature and get going with 12 Free Spins – it’s time to turn tables on Saskia!

Free Spins with Frozen Wilds™

Grab Spins with Frozen Wilds on Girls with Guns 2 If seen on the reels after a round, Frozen Wild™ symbols freeze to their spot and stay there chilling for three more spins before they melt away.

Free Spins with Magnetic Wilds™

Magnetic Wilds™ almost have a mind of their own – they’re drawn to the left side of the reels and as they accumulate, they can get your paylines off to a spectacular start! Win Spins with Magnetic Wilds on Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn online slot This is an adventure that’s going to keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish – with temperatures dropping, can you keep a cool head and stop a new ice age? Find out at Royal Vegas online casino! When it's time to play, head to Royal Vegas online casino Go for super big wins on Girls with Guns - Frozen Dawn online slot

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