Google Home in Canada: Get Entertainment & More On-Command

GoogleHome Image Source: As of June this year, ‘Hey Google’ is part of the Canadian lexicon.  The simple voice command unlocks the ‘search, play and tell’ functionality of Google Home, a speaker with Artificial Intelligence built-in.  From now on in, accessing your tunes and video content, checking the news or weather, getting facts from the World Wide Web and even switching the lights on and off in your humble abode are all seamlessly enabled by voice recognition via the comparatively small, decidedly elegant and suitably modern Google Home system.

Low-Cost Smart Home System

First launched in the USA, UK and now Canada, Home is retailing for $179 at the Google Store.  That’s a cheap price to pay for an intelligent all-in-one task management and information gathering tool.  Factor in the ability to earn Google credits at the Play Store and you can buy apps, movies and music on the house, so to speak, and enjoy endless ‘Home’ entertainment... on-command! The AI-boosted system is also available at authorised retail stores and online marketplaces throughout Canada.  Best Buy, for instance, will ship the smart speaker to you free of charge and you’ll earn Reward Zone points on your purchase.  You’ll pay exactly the same as what you’d pay when buying directly from the Google Store.

Modern Modular Design

The Wi-Fi speaker, smartphone control centre and virtual assistant are packed into a sci-fi pod with a modular build.  Interchangeable bases are designed to fit into any home decor and are available in a range of cool colours in either a metallic or fabric finish. Concealed within the snap-open shell is the speaker that delivers crystal clear audio from your playlists, podcasts, albums and supported music services.  It’s also where Google Assistant ‘lives’ and answers all your requests.  A LED capacitive touch display, which allows you to trigger the Assistant and interact with the Home system, is neatly arranged on the top of the pod. Made by Google

Video and Audio Playback

Home’s Wi-Fi capabilities mean you can stream sounds directly from the cloud and supported music networks such as Spotify.  You can also send tunes from your smartphone to the speaker and control all the connected speakers throughout your home with the able support of Google Cast. You can easily manage video content from the likes of YouTube, Netflix and Google Photos and see it in big bold HD on your flat screen TV.  In fact, all the entertainment you’ll ever want is instantly available with just one sound byte and the requisite support.

Intelligent Voice Recognition in Both Official Languages

Dual microphones built-in to the pod allow you to issue commands that are automatically filtered to separate out the ambient noise.  According to the manufacturers, Google Home offers the best voice recognition capabilities in the business. In Canada, voice command is localised in English and French, so you can issue commands or ask the Assistant questions or to conduct a Google search in one or other of the official languages.  As you have to select a default language from the get-go, there’s no random switching between the two. At Royal Vegas Online Casino Canada help is never far and is available 24/7 in French, English and a variety of other languages to cater for our global player base. Our-support-team-is-available-around-the-clock-all-year-round

Smart Home Contrail Centre

In addition to acting as an entertainment and information hub, Google Home doubles as the control centre for your home.  You can set alarms, control smart lights and lock windows and doors thanks to the convenience and intelligence of the fully integrated system. According to industry insiders, Google is hard at work refining the capabilities of the Assistant.  In the future, we’ll be able to order in food, book accommodation and reserve airline tickets by voice command! Have you got Google Home already? If not, when will you be getting one?

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