The Best Casino Restaurants In The World

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Source: Wikimedia There’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating a pizza whilst enjoying the gaming experience at an online casino, but the fine dining you can often get at a real casino is one of the chief reasons to get out and take your seat at a table. Of course, not all bricks and mortar casinos are set up for high-quality dining but, these days, many are. In fact, the quality of the food that is now on offer at some of the world's leading gaming centres is getting better and better. In years to come, casinos could easily rival many of the globe's top restaurants. Some are already! Want to know more about the top casinos which offer great food, too? Read on. 

Restaurant Guy Savoy

With an accent of French classical cuisine, Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas makes diners think that they could be in a swish dining establishment in one of the more upmarket quarters of Paris. In fact, this top-notch eaterie is located in the world-famous Caesars Palace in the gambling capital of Nevada. Of course, Caesars Palace has plenty of other places to eat, too. However, Restaurant Guy Savoy offers visitors with a fine dining experience which will live long in the memory. The restaurant boasts two Michelin stars and has a renowned cognac menu to help you get into the spirit of Las Vegas.

Hôtel de Paris

Located in Monte Carlo, Monaco, this hotel's restaurant is run by the globally respected chef, Alain Ducasse. Since the restaurant attracts gastronomic tourists as well as people who are in the area for its casino, you can expect some world-class service and food preparation. The food is French in the main but you can also detect influences on the menu from the wider Mediterranean region. The establishment's cellar is one of the best in the whole of the country with a bottle or two of some of the finest vintages to have ever been produced. Monte Carlo Source: Pixabay

Robuchon au Dome

Located at the Grand Lisboa casino in Macau, the Robuchon au Dome is one of the Western best restaurants in the whole of East Asia. You can experience a kitchen which has been justly rated with not one or two, but three Michelin stars. Attention to detail is the order of the day at this establishment. Run under the careful eye of the head chef, Joel Robuchon - who gives the restaurant its name - the whole dining area is situated under a glamorous glass dome. The setting is almost as sumptuous as the food which is served in a restaurant that is a cut above all the others in the region!

Condo Plaza Hotel

If you enjoy fusion cuisine when you are dining, then the restaurant at the Condo Plaze Hotel and Casino in Puerto Rico is for you. Located in San Juan, the restaurant offers haute cuisine which takes in influences from Japanese, Chinese and Thai food and blends them seamlessly with Spanish, Italian, French and Arabian cookery to come up with something fresh and exciting. If that was not enough, you can also sample chef Wilo Benet's take on local food, so you also get a genuine taste of Puerto Rico, too, as you dine.  

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