Stand Up For Men’s Health This Movember

Moustaches are making a comeback Source: Keenan Barber on Unsplash It’s that time again—November means many of us are pulling out our flannel shirts and hot drinks and settling in for long winter. But for some men, it means putting their razors on the shelf and growing out a moustache in support of the men’s health charity Movember. Moustaches have enjoyed somewhat mythical status of late, with some poker players even insisting that behind every good poker player is a great moustache. Whether this applies to online poker is yet to be confirmed…but you’ll certainly have time to fit a few rounds in while you’re waiting for your Movember moustache to reach poker player grandeur.

The story behind the movement

The Movember movement, founded in Australia in 2003, is meant to raise awareness for men’s health issues, focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. It was started by a couple of friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery, who were discussing how the moustache had fallen out of style and wanted to bring it back. They found thirty men willing to participate in the challenge, which would be the beginning of a successful movement. Soon, the focus of Movember became men’s health. Movember raises money through social fundraising to support charities focused on men’s health issues. They also try to make men more aware of preventative measures and treatments for illnesses that cause men to die young. Movember also encourages men to take steps to improve their general health and wellbeing, leading to longer, happier lives. By 2017, Movember was ranked in the top 50 worldwide non-governmental organizations. They focus on creating a community that talks about men’s health issues and unites to fight against cancer and suicide. Supporters grow moustaches to start conversations about men’s issues and gain supporters to donate to the campaign. And, as a bonus, participants might just find their new signature look.

Campaigning in style

One of the most distinctive things about Movember is that it puts an issue that we don’t often talk about—men’s health—into the spotlight. Many organizations have created fun campaigns in order to educate people about prevalent diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. By pairing with other organizations, Movember has been able to get the word out and get more people involved. Many big names have participated in the Movember campaign in previous years. A partnership with PlayStation included special edition “Mo-Glow” controllers and giving characters “Movember Moustache Makeovers”. Dairy Queen participated as well, with the #ChickenStache campaign. Customers who ordered a basket of Dairy Queen chicken could take a selfie holding a piece of chicken over their mouth like a moustache and upload it to social media with the hashtag #ChickenStache, and Dairy Queen donated $1 to the movement for every tag. Even the popular razor company Gillette has encouraged men to participate in Movember. The movement has also gotten sweet support from candy brands Snickers and Toblerone, with video and visual campaigns in support of the movement. Sports brand Adidas is an official partner of the Movember Foundation, creating moustachioed merchandise that raises money for the foundation. Adidas has also partnered with big-name NFL players to promote the movement. Movember isn’t just limited to big companies, though—local and regional businesses have joined in, too, like Canada’s own Rickard’s Beer. They put on an event called MOI Rickard’s Beebershop (like a barbershop, but with beer), in support of men’s health issues. And a lot of the movement’s support comes from individuals who participate by growing out their ‘stache and using it as a conversation starting to raise awareness about the Movember cause. A Movember marketing campaign Source: Eva Rinaldi

Famous moustaches

The moustache itself is nothing new. The trend started hundreds of years ago, and has gone in and out of style over the years. Throughout history, it’s often been a symbol of male virility and power. Moustaches became particularly popular in the late 1860s, and in the years since we’ve seen a lot of different styles, from Salvador Dalí’s thin pointy style, to the Charlie Chaplin toothbrush moustache, to the iconic handlebar style. No matter what kind of style you choose, a moustache can certainly give you a distinctive look. Here are some of pop culture’s most well-known moustaches. It’s no surprise that the best moustache would belong to the best newsman in San Diego, Anchorman’s Ron Burgundy. The thick, bushy ‘stache on one of Will Ferrell’s most famous characters is part of his classic 1970s look, and contributes to his suave style. Hulk Hogan, retired professional wrestler and TV personality, has a moustache that’s as strong as he is. His blond moustache, worn in the horseshoe style, is part of his distinctive tough-guy look that has more than a touch of wrestling drama to it. He’s had it so long that we probably wouldn’t recognize him without it…maybe it’s even the key to his strength? Everyone’s favourite grumpy boss, loveable curmudgeon Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec, has an impressive moustache that’s part of his manly-man look. His character is known for his love of steak, his passion for woodworking, and his generally no-nonsense attitude. His moustache is no exception—it’s thick and rich and makes a clear statement about his brawny nature. But it isn’t just an act. Nick Offerman, the actor behind Ron Swanson, proudly sports a moustache, too. Many other celebrities have switched up their looks with a moustache over the years. Brad Pitt grew one for Inglourious Basterds, when he played Nazi Slayer Lt. Aldo Raine. His facial hair not only put him in the time period, but made him look like the tough guy his character needed to be. All-time great comedian Eddie Murphy wouldn’t look the same without his signature upper-lip moustache, which is as much a part of his look as his amused smile. Even Ryan Gosling has tried out a moustache as part of his signature carefree-yet-handsome style.

Get growing

Whether you’re looking to dress up your poker face or raise awareness about men’s health issues, the perfect moustache is out there for you. If you choose to grow one this November, you can do it in support of a good cause…and you might even enjoy some moustache magic to boost your poker skills.
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