Iconic Christmas Trees From Around the World

Iconic Christmas Trees From Around the World Source: ayuideas When you think of Christmas, you probably think of family gatherings, eating far more rich food than you should, and perhaps singing by candlelight. You also think of Christmas trees and beautiful brightly coloured blinking lights. You also might be more interested in what’s beneath the tree, and we’re sure you’ll be eyeing those packages to see if you can guess whether there’s that bottle of perfume you wanted, or a smart new tablet to play at your favourite online casino. But at the heart of it all, there is the tree, an international symbol of celebration, goodwill - and gifts! Of course, some people and places take the tree tradition a bit more seriously than others, so we’ve taken a closer look at the most iconic Christmas trees around the world.

1. Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City’s Plaza de la Constitución tree Source: theactivetimes.com The Plaza de la Constitución, otherwise known as The Zócalo, is a famed central location in Mexico City. From protests to massive celebrations, this area transforms depending on the season and the general mood of the citizens. Whatever the event, the results are spectacular. It makes sense then that when the festive season comes around; The Zócalo comes alive with an enormous tree filled with lights, and it really has to be seen to be believed.

2. Galeries Lafayette, Paris, France

Christmas tree in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris Source: Popsugar If you’ve seen the Eiffel Tower you’ll know that the French have an affinity for enormous pointy structures, with the more incredible lights attached, the better. Hence we have the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, and the Christmas tree display that attempts to shame all other Christmas trees in the world with its magnificence. It’s absolutely mind blowing just how big and beautiful this tree is, and perhaps it has to be seen first hand to truly be appreciated.

3. Lagoa Floating Christmas Tree, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Lagoa Floating Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro Source: Where to Travel The Brazilians saw that the French Christmas tree was indoors and so perhaps thought that having theirs outdoors and on a river was the best way to go about outdoing them. This incredible, iconic display of impressive Christmas tree magic has been absent for two years, but it is back again this year at the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. If you’re wondering just how many lights you’re looking at, the answer is a rather staggering two million.

4. Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan

Christmas Tree in Universal Studios in Osaka Source: YouTube The only reason that this isn’t higher up the list is because the tree itself isn’t especially big. The rest of the display however, is enough to make you stand with mouth agape. The Universal Wonder Christmas at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, is one of the most impressive displays in the world, and you might possibly not be able to look your own meagre household display the same way ever again. The Universal Illusion Tree is a sight to behold, and it was awarded a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most artificial lights too.

5. Mount Ingino Christmas Tree, Gubbio, Umbria, Italy

Mount Ingino’s Christmas tree in Italy Source: groups-falktours.com If it is exclusively size you’re after, then you’ve found what you’re looking for. The Italians take the cake in terms of sheer immensity with the Mount Ingino Tree. Why isn’t it further up the list, you’re wondering? Because it’s a bit of a cheat. The tree is, in fact, a collection of lights on the side of a mountain. A very impressive 3,000 lights, but not an actual tree. Either way, it at least deserves a mention.

6. Rockefeller Centre Christmas Tree, New York Plaza

Rockefeller Centre’s Christmas tree in New York Source: Free Tours by Foot The 72-foot spruce in Rockefeller Centre in New York Plaza has just been granted a new star designed by Daniel Libeskind, and it apparently contains 3 million Swarovski crystals. This is certainly an impressive spectacle, making the already beautiful tree all the more glamorous – and expensive!

7. Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square’s tree in Melbourne Source: TOT: HOT OR NOT Last, but certainly not least, we have the 16-meter tree in the Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. It once again isn’t technically a tree, but a collection of LED lights, though that certainly doesn’t make it any less impressive to look at.
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