Instagram Founders Call It a Day

Instagram founders move on Source: Pixabay In the corporate world, the departure of high-level executives is normally handled very carefully. This is, of course, because any changes on a big scale can cause massive rippling consequences. Stockholders can take it as a sign that the company is heading into chaos, and quickly pull investments in an effort to avoid what may be a tumble in stock prices. Plus, there is also the major risk, in investor eyes, that whoever fills the gaps may not be as competent as predecessors, or will not follow previously established policies. Also a bad business situation, and likewise reason for investors to take their money and run… All these possible outcomes are reason why big internal changes in any company, be it Instagram, Facebook, or an online entity offering casino games, are handled very carefully. The departure will generally be entirely stage handled to avoid panic. So, when word first broke that Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger were jumping ship, expectations were that the departures would be handled with care. But they were not. It was all but unmitigated chaos, resulting in the exact kind of mass head scratching that is purposefully avoided. So what exactly happened, and should Instagram users be worried?

Why Did They Leave?

There is no official word on why the Instagram founders left, and especially under such sudden and dramatic circumstances. After the initial confusion and chaos had gradually been brought under control, both Systrom and Krieger posted well wishes on their Twitter accounts, and Mark Zuckerberg wished them well. But as yet, no explanation has been provided as to why they had decided to head for the nearest exit. Speculation is, however, that there had been major simmering tensions between Instagram and Facebook after the initial acquisition. Rumours are rife that the two companies had never really got along, but had tolerated one another for six long years. Word is also that Systrom and Krieger are extremely low drama characters, preferring to avoid conflict as much as possible. So whatever finally caused them to snap and declare their exits must have been big. Or perhaps it was simply a case of them no longer willing to tolerate what had been gradually escalating conflict. If examining relations between the two companies closer, however, a sharp eyed researcher will point to a recent development that may well have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. It seems that Facebook made the decision to strike digital Instagram branding from images shared from Instagram, via Facebook. This may not seem like much, but in the corporate world this is akin to Facebook giving Instagram a rather sound, swift kick to the bollocks. The most popular social media app Source: Pixabay

What Does It Mean For Instagram?

But what does this really mean for Instagram, and its millions upon millions of users? As far as users are concerned, probably not much at all. The social media network will very likely tick on as it always has, with little to no noticeable differences. The change is very much an internal one, strictly on a corporate level. As far as the corporation of Instagram goes and its relationship with Facebook, that is an entirely different story. Instagram has become more important than ever before, since it is largely seen as becoming more popular than Facebook. Millennials seem more drawn to Instagram over Facebook in a big way, and some even mutter that Facebook is heading for a slow death, and is for ‘old people’! So naturally steps are going to be taken to ensure that Instagram remains stable and the popular choice. What those steps will be, remains to be seen. But rest assured, all signs indicate that Instagram will continue on into the future, leaving many people #relieved.
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