Meet the team from Girls With Guns

Have a great time with Girls with Guns at Royal Vegas So, what do the Girls with Guns of the online slot fame do when it’s time to disarm and relax? Rumors of wild karaoke nights abound, with “I Will Survive”, “Wanted Dead or Alive” and “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” in the top 3 of the tracklist…

Alex – explosive fun

Alex, demolition - Girls with Guns Alex is a chemistry wiz who Katherine recruited from an illegal street fighting contest (she used to fight to fund her degree and was known as NG for dirty tricks and generally volatile behavior). Her favorite movie moments include Tropic Thunder, Iron Man (more specifically, the Jericho Missile demonstration scene) and for serious comic relief, anything from Michael Bay.

Zoe – No Girl Gets Left Behind

Zoe, tactical operations - Girls with Guns Having traded emergency response scrubs for camo, Zoe is a one-woman equivalent of the proverbial cavalry that comes to the rescue when the day needs saving: if the Girls with Guns are in trouble, Zoe’s got their back.

Jess – Miss Impossible

Jess, infiltrator - Girls with Guns Jess once crashed Heidi Klum’s Halloween party for fun… as Heidi Klum; she thinks that was one of her best outfits ever. She takes yoga seriously and when not off-duty doing sun salutations, she can normally be found perched atop either a snowboard or a surfboard.

Kira – Modern-day Wilhelm Tell

Kira, sniper - Girls with Guns The words ‘never saw that coming’ would have been the last words of quite a few people… had they had the time. While Maria is more like a force of nature when armed, Kira only needs one shot – and she does not hesitate to take it.

Maria – going for the kill

Maria, artillery - Girls with Guns Every time the girls grab a drink together they remember Maria taking over a bunker humming to the tune of Rihanna’s Rude Boy; it turned out her gun was bigger than those of the cartel members holed up in the bunker (in the end quite literally). There’s also a grainy YouTube video of her somewhere, performing an epic split between two Libyan tanks, shot by a military drone during a particularly precarious mission…

Katherine – any color as long as it’s red

Katherine - the boss in Girls with Guns Katherine was a child prodigy and doesn’t particularly like the Bourne movies - too close to home. In her spare time she designs puzzles that cause top Mensa members break out in expletives (most people end up using them as paperweights) and has a fondness of dirty jokes which she gives just as good as she gets. She’s also very good at keeping the Swiss bank account of the team in a good standing – if only the missions were more challenging for her… You can watch the team in action at Royal Vegas on Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat online slot and on the cool sequel, Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn slot game! When it's time to play, head to Royal Vegas online casino Meet Girls with Guns at Royal Vegas online casino

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