Do men and women enjoy the same online casino games?

Studies have shown that in land-based casinos more women play slot machines than men who are more likely to be at the tables. Why do men prefer table games and women prefer slots?

Some psychologists say it’s because men have a sub-conscious need to dominate rivals and to win, which is what they get to do when they play games like poker. They also enjoy the thrill of high-stakes roulette, craps and baccarat.

Women prefer to interact and connect with people while being entertained. This means games that don’t require too much skill and attention, like bingo and slots, work better for them so that they can enjoy a chat on the side while they are gaming.

Now that casinos have gone online this dynamic has changed. There seems to be a much more even gender split with online slots. Perhaps this is because of the anonymity of playing online and therefore no perceptible gender bias.

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