New Ways to Take a Holiday

Leaving for a vacation Source: Pixabay The old ways, they are a changing and this is good news. Tradition is slowly becoming a dirty word. Tradition alludes to an inability to change, to adapt and to be flexible. Tradition means holding on to the past and very possibly not embracing the future. But the world is changing and people are changing. Every generation has something new to contend with and in the era of technology that we now find ourselves in, we have millennials, the guys and girls who have come into adulthood in this, the early part of the 21st century. The cynic in me would like to say that millennials are a bunch of selfie-obsessed know-it-alls, but that would be narrow-minded of me. Closer to the truth would be to say that there a lot of young adults out there who are environmentally conscious and are willing to pay extra for items and services that lower their carbon footprint. I think we’ve got a long way to go if we’re going to make in-roads and sometimes I think it’s unlikely, not with the way the world is going. We’re all so self-absorbed and stuck in the trappings social media, advertising and materialism, that to look outside of our lives and to care about more than our immediate surroundings is challenging at the least. And this only helps to perpetuate the problem. I remember, years ago, travelling though Singapore and ordering a burger from McDonalds. The box was edible!  How’s that for an environmental initiative? I’m not trying to give McD’s any kudos as I believe fast-food chains the likes of them and KFC do more harm than good. Don’t believe me, have a look at all the packaging you’re left with after you’ve ordered your meal. Having said this, there are people and organisations trying to make a difference and there are recipients of these movements. One such industry is the travel industry and in making an effort to lower their own carbon footprint, and in turn that of the holiday maker, they’re creating new ways to take a holiday.

Environmentally Conscious Holiday Options

The travel industry has been moving with the times, and nowadays we’re fortunate to have holiday options that are more geared towards conservation. From staying in boutique caravans to renting electric bicycles, or just bicycles for that matter, to get around town to checking into hotels that have green credentials - there are now ways to make you feel even better when you go on holiday. If you’re environmentally conscious, then the good news is that most destinations these days are too. Obviously not the entire country, continent or landmass that you’ll be visiting, but certain parts. A simple Google search will unveil all kinds of places, locations and ways in which you can lower your carbon footprint. Heck, even online casino games, if that’s your thing, can be viewed as a means of lowering your carbon footprint. Whether you’re going to Italy or, Greece, Australia or South Africa, you’re sure to find places to stay at that will either be accredited or offer a service in line with keeping it green. In South Africa, a prime example is the Hotel Verde, which conveniently enough is situated right next to the Cape Town International Airport. Not only is it trendy, but the artwork has been created with reused materials, the gym equipment powers the establishment and the water-saving initiatives are second to none.  Should you find yourself in Greece, then Porto Carras is sure to impress you with its sandy beaches and its locations that have been awarded the Green Key Eco Label.  In Italy the Lefay Resort & Spa offers 5 star treatment in a picturesque setting. Bio-Architecture has been applied to its construction and this means that it’s been built in such a way as to integrate it into its natural surroundings. This means its visual impact is less on the environment and in addition to that, natural materials from the area have been used in its building process. Environmentally friendly vacation Source: Pixabay Australia is not going to be outdone, let me tell you. The Aussies care about being eco-friendly almost as much as they care about gambling! It’s literally a case of taking your pick from exotic locations and the fantastic eco-friendly hotels and/or spa’s that are situated there. One that caught my eye was the Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa. It’s located in the tropical rainforests of North Queensland and it’s been constructed to ensure a minimal impact on the natural environment. In other words, it’s been built in the best possible way as to blend into its natural surroundings - all the way down to the bio cycle and its waste-water system.

In Conclusion

I need to call it; my editor tells me I’ve exceeded my word count. I’ll say this much though, Google is your friend. If you’ve got so much as an inkling towards doing your part, making a difference, or just trying to be better to this planet, then next time, when planning your holiday, key in terms like ‘eco-friendly holidays’, ‘environmentally conscious vacations’ or ‘eco-friendly holiday ideas’, and you’ll be sure to find something that’s right up your alley.
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