Play Casual Games at Royal Vegas

play-bingo-at-royal-vegas At Royal Vegas, we offer a wide variety of games to cater for every palate. From slots (reel, video and arcade), table games (Blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker) to casual games and scratchcards, make up our over 600 games portfolio. Want to take a break from slots or table games? Why not relax at Royal Vegas with our popular casual casual games that make winning really easy?

 Play our Casual Games

What are casual games?

These are games that are less strategic can be played under an hour but offer huge payouts. They are visually appealing and can be enjoyed on Mobile or Desktop at Royal Vegas. They come in the following categories:

  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Scratchcards
  • Arcade


Playing online Bingo is pretty straightforward. You are presented with a winning pattern and once you select your card, some numbers are selected at random using a random number generator (RNG). If the numbers are similar to those in your card, you win. The winning combination can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.


Keno has been around for centuries and originated in China. It is a lottery-type game that is often compared to Bingo due to its simplicity and straightforwardness. It has a board with numbers from 1- 80 that you can choose from. The aim is to predict a maximum of 15 numbers that hope will match the ones drawn. The payout is made based on how much you wagered and the numbers matched. playing-keno-at-royal-vegas play-keno-at-royal-vegas The advantage Keno has over Bingo is that you have more control over the game as opposed to Bingo because the numbers are pre-selected. How to play keno online

  • Log into your Royal Vegas account, make a deposit and open the game
  • Select the coin size and click on the numbers that you think will be drawn on the Keno board
  • Select Play and wait for random number generator to select the numbers. If one or more of the numbers you have selected get drawn, you win. The more numbers you choose the greater your chances of winning
  • You can choose to keep the same numbers or select other random numbers again and repeat the process



Scratchcards date back as far as the 70’s and was invented by a computer scientists and retail promoter in the United States. After analyzing the consumer behavior, he came to the conclusion that they wanted instant gratification. He designed the first scratchcard which became an instant hit and raised the Massachusetts states lottery to $1 million in a week! Scratchcards later found their way to the casino in the 21st century and yes you can play it at Royal Vegas.  SEE OUR SCRATCHCARD OFFERING>> Advantages of playing online scratchcards

  • Low cost and low risk
  • Convenience of playing it anywhere anytime
  • The percentage payout is bigger
  • Its versatile

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