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Friends: what were the cast member doing before fame and fortune? Credit: nbcnews.com …I want to be rich, famous and damn fabulous! But I think some FRIENDS may have beaten me to that goal. After an incredible 236 episodes over 10 seasons, it’s time to look back, far, far back to the pre-FRIENDS times. What were our favorite guys and gals from Manhattan doing before they all got together, that fateful day, when Rachel ran away from her wedding… Are you tripping down memory lane yet? Humming “I’ll be there for you”? Wishing you were dancing in the fountain together with Monica, Ross, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel? Me too… Alright, enough with the daydreaming! Back to my original thought: What were some of the stars from FRIENDS doing before they hit fame and fortune? Friends: what were the cast member doing before fame and fortune? Credit: srcdn.com/


If you think back to the series, Joey’s carpentry skills can only be described as disastrous. My favorite memory – the door that was cut in half to accommodate the over-sized wall unit. Matt LeBlanc (Joey) was actually quite keen on becoming a carpenter before his acting career kicked off. He studied carpentry at his vocational technical high school, but luckily he decided that acting was more his thing – else we’d have never had the joy of hearingHow you doin?! Friends: Joey was a carpenter before joining the cast Credit: celebmix.com


Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) definitely has held a host of jobs – not only in the acting world, but also beforehand. My favorite though: bike messenger. Of all job she had, Jennifer Aniston describes this job as the hardest because of her somewhat clumsy behavior. Delivering messages and parcels to people via bicycle sure could be fun, but if you happen to crash into open doors (like Jen did), then I see why acting might be the healthier choice Rachel from Friends was a bike messenger Credit: popsugar-assets.com


Matthew Perry’s (Chandler) was the highest ranked junior tennis player in all of Canada during his high school career and was seriously considering taking his passion and talent for tennis to a professional level. When he moved to L.A., the young Canadian realized that he did not want to play tennis for a living, and decided to pursue his acting career instead – and the Chandler Bing we know and love was found! Chandler Bing, the tennis star from Friends Credit: cbc.ca


This lovable, quirky little lady was a lot more serious before starting her acting career. Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe) was quite a dedicated clinical researcher! After graduating with a BSC in Biology, she conducted clinical research for headaches alongside her father. Among other things, she was awarded research credit for her study on “the comparative likelihood of left-handed individuals developing cluster headaches”. Phoebe can't only sing, the Friends Star was a clinical researcher too Credit: hellogiggles.com Who’d have thought that our favorite stars were “normal people” too…? I guess this does teach us that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true! One way to do that would definitely be by taking a chance on one of the marvelous free slot games with bonus features on offer at Royal Vegas - the results might just leave you reeling in playing-pleasure!  

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