What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Rookie Vegas Mistakes - do they really stay there? Credit: lebasketbawl.com Does it though? Some things shouldn’t happen, not even in Vegas! Whether you’re a Vegas-pro or a total noob, these 5 tips on what (or who) to avoid in Vegas and how to prepare for your trip will definitely come in handy….

Vegas is hot damn!

Newsflash: Las Vegas is located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. And deserts are hot! So pack accordingly – light summer clothing, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and the likes. Leave the faux fur coat you’ve been wanting to show off at home. Also – when getting into a car that was parked in the sun, you may want to feel the seats first, just so that the smells of roast human buttocks don’t become known to you. Vegas Rookie Mistakes: Underestimating the heat Credit: captainkimo.com

Wanna swim? Don’t.

If it smells like chlorine, but isn’t clear blue – stay far, far away. Off-colored water can only be sold as possibly clean if you’re at the beach. Which you aren’t. So, if a hotel pool isn’t pristine blue, take a shower to cool down instead. The murky pool in all likelihood became a swamp of body fluids and alcohol, and the chlorine quite literally gave up. Vegas Rookie Mistakes: thinking pools can be green Credit: buzzfeed.com

Getting “a guy”

Whether you need a pet tiger, want to wake up in Celine Dion’s house or need gambling cash quick, Vegas has a guy for everything! Even someone who will satisfy your hot-wings craving. It’s all there, it can all happen. But you’re neither Zach Galifianakis nor are you Bradley Cooper (if you are – pleased to meet ya, huge fan!), so your getting a guy won’t end well. Vegas Rookie Mistakes: getting a Credit: boozingo.com

Clothing maketh man

We all know that your NHL shirt is awesome, and showing team-pride is great, but if you want to get into some of Las Vegas’ fabled and famed clubs and casinos, or avoid being picked as a bar fight target, trade you sports shirt for one with a collar and buttons (no, not with Hawaii floral prints…) and make a bit of an effort to look spiffing. Vegas Rookie Mistakes: underdressing for the clubs Credit: img.com

Oh no, she didn’t…

…did she really? Like really, really just cheer because she got 25 at Blackjack? Did he really just ask to put 50 on red at the Craps table? Make sure you familiarize yourself with game you’re about to play. Not only to avoid looking like a complete simpleton, but also to increase your chances of winning. Knowing what the bets are, what strategies can be used and how to conduct yourself at the various games (loud cheering at the Craps table is great, in the poker game, well…) will only count in your favor. Vegas Rookie Mistakes: not knowing the game you're playing Credit: poker-sidekick.com If you want to learn more about the various games before diving head first into the Vegas strip, I’ve got just the place for you: the best online casino in Canada, Royal Vegas! Not only does this Canadian online casino offer a wide array of casino games, including online and mobile slot games for real money, poker and table games, but the rules, the bets and possible strategies and tips are outlined in great detail. Your one-stop-Vegas-success-guide, so to say!

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