Safe and Savvy Web Surfing: Top Online Protection Tips

Image - courtesy of The World Wide Web is a fine filigree of shopping, gambling, booking and business destinations available instantly on your device. You can cruise the retail stores, drop into YouTube or Spotify for a few cool tunes and make spontaneous arrangements for a cocktail or two with a tap or swish of the fingers. You can do your banking, submit a medical claim and upgrade your car, life and householders’ insurance policy in a snap. You can even access the application forms for your Canadian ID on your PC or mobile device.  As with all awesome inventions, the internet comes with endless pros… and a few nasty cons.  Hackers, scam artists, identity thieves, predators and paedophiles are constantly lurking in the dark corners of cyberspace, ready to pounce. If you want to avoid the ugly side of the internet, there are easy ways to protect your privacy and shore up the security on your device. Implement our top online protection tips and tricks and you’ll enjoy safe surfing all the way:

Password Manager

Your first line of defence is setting a password that has no association with you. A complex set of upper and lower case letters, numerals and symbols is the best.  If you really want to create an impenetrable entry point to both your device and accounts, we recommend you use a password manager to generate access codes on your behalf.  Zoho Vault, Roboform 8, LastPass and True Key are highly rated tools available for less than C$25. Online Safety Tips Image - courtesy of


Anti-Virus Software

Spammers and hackers use viruses to infiltrate your computer. Cleverly concealed bits of code can cause havoc with the performance of your PC.  Spyware detects and records every key you hit and website you visit.  As a result, sensitive information, such as your credit card details, ID number and passwords, is compromised. Online Protection Tips Image - courtesy of   By installing and regularly upgrading anti-virus software on your PC, you can instantly remove all existing viruses, adware and spyware and seal off your computer from any future attacks. Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and Webroot offer free basic anti-virus bundles.  The real-time protection of paid premium packages offers more advanced security and costs, on average, around $42 Canadian dollars per year. As one of the best Online Casino in Canada, Royal Vegas is fully aware of the importance of keeping its players and their personal and financial information 100% protected. Please know that our software makes use of the best encryption methods, the same used by the major world banks, so that you can play our more than 700 games with peace of mind. You may choose to deposit and play video slots, classic table games, progressive jackpots and so much more knowing that your information is always kept safe. Click below to find out what we have on offer. Every month we release new games like the recent Emoticoins online slot, to our already impressive collection.

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Let Commonsense Prevail

When you’re using your computer, let commonsense prevail. If you don’t recognise an email address, avoid opening it.  Never, ever click on a link or open an attachment sent from an arbitrary email address, even if the subject title arouses your interest.  Don’t send dodgy emails on to your friends or business associates, notwithstanding the hilarious jokes or cute cat memes therein.  They are designed as click bait and, more often than not, contain spyware or adware primed and poised to wreak destruction. Online Safety Tips Image - courtesy of   Be cognizant of the fact that your bank, insurance company, retail shopping partner or telecoms provider will never ask you for your log in details, passwords, credit card details or private information in an email. If you do receive a message requesting private information, alert the company involved and delete it immediately.  Similarly, only enter private information on bona fide and https secure websites that have a padlock icon next to the web address. Protect your computer and mobile device with the latest technology and be smart and savvy about how you use the internet and you’ll have the myriad benefits of the World Wide Web available on demand. After all, it’s the most convenient and pleasurable way of getting the news, playing real money online casino games, reserving tickets, taxis and restaurant tables and finding the best retail shopping deals... by far!

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