Social Swiping – Charitable Donations Go Hi Tech

The social swipe billboard Source: If you’ve ever been doing your shopping, only to have someone leap out into your path, and assault you with depressing statistics, you’ll know that charities can be intrusive. These days, flanked on all sides by similar charities that also want your money, charity collection groups have had to step up their efforts. Justified, you may argue, given that the funds are needed and used for a good cause, but intrusive none the less. The problem is that as charities step up the levels of their efforts, the less comfortable the average Joe on the street feels about being approached. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that only results in ill feelings, and worthy charities being shunned. Sadly, there is such a call for people to donate and support worthwhile causes, so striking a balance is a talking point. What is needed is a new way of collecting money, perhaps one involving something new, interesting, and creative. It turns out that such a thing has already been created, and it’s set to revolutionise how organisations collect funds.

Less Intrusive, More Gratifying Giving

When asked, many will agree that the most challenging part of giving to a charity is that the process often feels like a mugging, as opposed to an act of kindness. A person approaches, words are spoken, money is handed over, and little else happens beyond that. It’s these factors that resulted in Misereor, an organisation that focuses on providing relief to nations suffering high poverty levels, to change things up. They approached Kolle Rebe Hamburg, an advertising agency based in Germany, and an ingenious idea was born; an interactive billboard, harnessing the power of modern technology.

Instant Swipe Donations

The billboard consists of two LCD panels, showing a load of bread, or the bound hands of a child. Between the two panels is a swipe zone, where a donator can swipe a card. This in itself is a unique idea, and worthy of praise. However, the idea goes further. The swipe of the card activates the LCD panels, which start to play a video. The bread appears to have been sliced by the card swipe, and a hand takes a piece of bread. Or the card cuts the binds holding the child’s hands, giving the illusion of granting freedom. Following is a brief, informative video that explains what your donation will be used for, and how it will go towards a relief effort. No aggressive collector in your face, no depressing statistics, simply instant gratification for money given. Misereor and Kolle Rebe have hit on something truly unique, and what they have termed ‘social swiping’ may well be the first step in revolutionising how charities collect donations in the future. If people feel inspired and don’t feel pressured to give, they may well happily fork over larger sums, or even offer up some of their online casino winnings for a good cause, so they can be winners in a different way. Changing the way we donate money Source: Pixabay

A Future Revolution

There is no official word yet as to how successful the billboard has been, but chances are it has made an impact. There is almost no doubt that other charitable organisations will be taking note, and perhaps coming up with similar ideas. If anything, this simple yet highly effective idea shows what can be done when new approaches are taken to old challenges. Hopes are, that this will soon spell the end for those aggressive collectors who pounce on unsuspecting passers by at shopping centres! Every industry needs to move with the times, and charities are just another sector that can benefit from advancements and new ways of tech-inspired fundraising.
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