Rule the Royal Vegas Galaxy & Win up to €200 in Cosmic Casino Prizes

Galactic Gamble This month, between 8 and 30 June, the Galactic Gamble promotion will be on at Royal Vegas. Seize this golden opportunity to rule the galaxy and you could win your share of €200k in cosmic casino prizes - including Spins, Rewards points and free credits!

How to rule the Royal Vegas galaxy:

  • Log in during the promotion period and visit the Win from €200 message each week to enter
  • Accumulate Reward points by playing your favourite games which you can use to unlock prizes at each level. There are 10 levels per round and the prizes you can unlock include Free Spins, Free Credits and Rewards points
  • You can choose to keep your prize or gamble it and stand a chance of winning something out-of-this-world
  • Click on the Warp button when it turns green to progress to the next planet and unlock more prizes
  • The four planets you can rule include, Polaris, Altair, Vega and Sirius
  • As you progress through the planets, your Ranks will also rise from a Rookie to a Legend
  • This promotion will end on 30 June 2017 (23:59 pm, GMT)

Here are some fun facts about the Milky Way galaxy

  • Did you know that astronomers sort galaxies into three types based on their shapes? There are spirals, ellipticals and irregulars
  • The Milky Way galaxy is our home galaxy and its spiral in shape. It has a super-massive black hole at the centre, referred to as Sagittarius A* that is located 26,000 light years from Earth.
  • It has grown over the years due to it merging of other galaxies over time
  • It moves at a velocity of 552 kilometers per second through space
  • The stars, gas and dust at the centre on the Milky Way orbit around it at the rate of more than 200 kilometers per second!

Are you ready to rule the galaxy? Take part in Galactic Gamble promotion between 8 to 30 June 2017 and RULE!

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