Time travel, anyone?

Temple of Treasures Credit: ancient-origins.net Ancient Egypt. Land of unending treasure, mystical and mysterious creatures, ingenious architectural feats, powerful pharaohs, breathtakingly beautiful princesses and omnipotent deities. Deserts, palm trees, oases, camels, travelers and a whole lot of sun. Compared to the Egypt as we know it these days, the picture painted above is one of a different world. A world I for one would sure like to see. How about you? Step on up into my Royal Vegas time machine, custom-built with plush armchairs, in-flight pizza service and a rather unique time-jumping system that minimizes the aftereffects of time travel. Thanks to this system, you can indulge on in-flight pizza and still feel fresh as a beautiful pink daisy when you arrive in ancient Egypt! Shall we set the timer to February 6th, 2600 B.C.? Temple of Treasures: let's travel through time Credit: blogspot.com Why then, you ask? Well that’s easy – the most exciting, mysterious and treasure-laden casino promotion that Royal Vegas has ever run is being held in ancient Egypt, during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu. I hope you brought along a sacrificial offering or three to appease the gods? A bit of sunscreen might not be a bad idea either... The Temple of Treasures Promo at Royal Vegas

Step into the Temple of Treasures

…and discover a sparkling, glistening treasure trove! Jewels, gems, delights and a share of €500,000 in credits and Rewards Points! Step on up - time to explore the Temple of Treasures

Here’s what you need to know about this promo:

  • The promo runs from 6 February 2017 to 5 March 2017
  • Each week, an Egyptian god will set you an amount of credits or rewards points that you can win. (Hence the need for ample sacrificial offerings)
  • In order to win the full prize amount that the gods have granted you, you need to play and earn rewards points all 7 days that week and make at least one deposit during that week
  • Each week, a different deity will offer you a prize

Temple of Treasures - travel back though time for this promo! Sound good? There’s a special highlight: if you complete all four weeks of gameplay, you will be greeted by Osiris, the god of the afterlife. He’ll award you an incredible Rewards Points prize that’ll blow your mind both in this life and the next! So if you were unsure about my marvelous time machine (and the free pizza), I hope I changed your mind now… Are you ready to enter the Temple of Treasures?

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