The Hottest Travel Trends in 2019

Food discovery holidays Source: Pixabay If the predicted travel trends of 2019 are anything to go by, next year looks set to be a big one for travel. Forget about boring package tours or humdrum visits to the same old places on the beaten track. Adventure, exploration and empowerment are coming to the fore, but that does not mean travellers are getting away from getting away from it all. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store for those with wanderlust and a quest for adventure.

Nothing to Fear

Over the past few years, governments and media outlets have issued warning after warning about various destinations around the world. The incessant fear mongering had a negative impact on many of those countries, but that looks set to change. This year alone has seen a 121% increase in the number of Australian visitors to the Middle East, and a 132% increase in the number of Aussies who travelled to Turkey. The trend shows no signs of slowing down, so if you are tempted to pack your bags and jet off into the wild, blue yonder, you can leave the fear at home.

In With the Locals

Another hot travel trend predicted for next year is getting in with the locals. Really getting in with them. Visiting a destination will be about so much more than merely seeing the sights. Rather, more and more travellers will hang out, eat, and drink where the locals do, including their homes. The idea is to become so familiar with a place that you feel like it could be your second home.

Destinations Back In Fashion

Tourist spots are a lot like fashion. Take bell-bottom jeans, for example. In one day, out the next, but you dare not get rid of them because, in a few years’ time, they will be all the rage again – and your vintage pair will earn you massive street cred. Next year will see something similar happen to places that once attracted large numbers of tourists. Once-popular countries such as Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Zimbabwe will again be among the sought-after destinations.   Play online slots at Royal Vegas Casino such as Party Island  and you could win the jackpot that makes your dreams of laughing, learning and relaxing in far-flung destinations a reality! Party Island slot

Into the Unknown

One of the biggest problems with travelling to popular destinations in-season is having to share them with thousands of other tourists. Anyone who has ever experienced London’s Tube system in the height of the summer knows exactly what this means. Thankfully, 2019 is going to be the year to get away from all that. In fact, it will be the year of getting away from it all – at least, everything that is familiar. An emerging trend that is sure to capture the imagination of many is to travel to little-known destinations where home comforts are little more than a hazy memory.

Far-Flung Food

Food will be a deciding factor in the choice of holiday destinations next year. The trend will most likely result in more food-themed tours being offered, as well as in travellers learning culinary secrets from the locals. This means no more relying on cookbooks written by chefs and cooks who alter recipes to suit the palate of their readers. Instead, those enjoying a stay in other countries will learn about ingredients and how to prepare them from those who know best – the people who have been cooking with them all their lives.

Big In Japan

With Japan gearing up to host next year’s Rugby World Cup as well as 2020’s Olympic Games, the country is going to be one of the trendiest places to visit. The trend has already started gaining ground, as travel to the land of the rising sun increased by 37% this year, and next year’s bookings are increasing rapidly. Tokyo is likely to be the first stop for most, but 2019’s travellers will not limit themselves to the bustling capital city. In keeping with the trend of going far from the madding crowd, visitors are likely to focus on more remote locations, such as the Okinawa island chain.

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