The Most Satisfying Jobs in the World

Job satisfaction is crucial Source: Pixabay There are many things by which people identify you, or should I say judge you by. You’re judged by your actions, the people you associate with, the things you say, the car you drive, where you stay and yes, this list can still go on for quite a while. Out of all the various ways in which others will judge you, there is one defining trait by which you will be assessed and that is your vocation, also known as your job. Your job forms a massive part of your life. It’s something that gets asked of you as a child already. “What would you like to be one day when you grow up?” The idea of work is planted from a young age and as we all know, you’re groomed to hopefully one day become a well-adjusted and functioning member of society. You spend 8 hours at work; your colleagues are in some ways your family away from your real family, and a lot of your social procedures as well as what you do outside of work can stem from your job.  Your job dictates your life and for this reason it’s important to make sure you’re happy on the job! With all this in mind, let us look at what has statistically proven to be the sectors of work or the jobs themselves that have proven to be the most satisfying ones. In no order of importance or ascendancy, these jobs have proven to be very rewarding:

  1. Teaching
  2. Writing
  3. Psychologists
  4. Clergy
  5. Firefighting
  6. Office supervisors
  7. Special needs education
  8. Engineers
  9. Security services
  10. Painting and/or sculpting (art)
  11. Physiotherapy
  12. Education administration

So right about now you might be wondering what a priest and a teacher and a physiotherapist have in common? I’m sure you’ve already answered that question for yourself – they all help people one way or the other.  Your mom told you about it as a kid and if you were instructed in faith, then the message was that it is better to give than to receive. Whoever thought this notion was nothing more than some old clergyman’s attempt to get you to fork out when the collectors plate came around would be mistaken.  A simple truth is that the greatest rewards often come from helping others.  A good salary and comfort is great and if you have it, good on you, but if that job you’re doing provides little fulfilment, you could find yourself disillusioned and seeking fulfilment via other means. Being a firefighter is said to be a satisfying job Source: Pixabay

What if it’s too late?

At the risk of sounding clichéd, it’s never too late to change your job, unless you’re pushing the twilight years and coming up on retirement. If you’re locked in so to speak, then a hobby is the next best thing. Many of us require some kind of creative fulfilment and a hobby is an ideal manner in which to gain the type of value you might be missing at work.  There are also charitable organisations you can join if you feel you want to do things that reward the soul. Clothing organisations, book clubs, child care, animal care, charities for women, counselling, there’s a lot that you can do to fill that void.  Alternatively, you could pursue part-time classes and work towards the vocation you so crave. I’ll say this much; value your work and your job. Feed the economy and you feed everyone.

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