The New Romanov Riches Slots

Romanov Riches Online SlotsIt’s that time of the month, when a new online slots game get unleashed by a reputable content publisher. Romanov Riches, which comes out now at the end of October 2018, is a Microgaming product, but it’s one that’s been outsourced to a company called Fortune Factory. Now it needs to be known that Fortune Factory has been given the Microgaming blue prints and their blessing to go ahead and give it their own mark. I think time and the amount of wins garnered from this game will be the ultimate decider. It’s a fair yardstick to use, after all, all the Microgaming classics like Avalon, Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck are all renowned because they have good returns.

A Word or Two on Slots

Slots for the longest time have been the people’s choice when it comes to gambling. A slot game can be anything you make of it, and I think therein lies its appeal. You can elect to pay attention to it and get lost in its world, depending on the extent of the tech used to make it, or you can choose a set amount of spins and chat to your friend, do the dishes, whatever. The point I’m trying to convey is that a slot game takes little more than pushing a button and waiting on a desired outcome. Having said that, these games are exciting, especially when you’re close to entering a bonus game or getting free spins. The excitement can mount so much when waiting on that third symbol or that entry symbol that it’s easy to excuse an expletive or two, or three. From the looks of things, Romanov Riches has lots to offer in terms of extra features. Play Romanov Riches at Royal Vegas Casino Online today! This online casino game is one of hundreds of other exciting avenues of entertainment and winning possibilities just waiting to be explored! Romanov Riches

The Theme

When it comes to slot games, online, mobile, land-based, it doesn’t matter, one thing is certain - the reliance on certain themes. Now don’t get me wrong, slot games generally tackle numerous themes from action to comedy, to adventure and more, but there are ones that have become staples. The Egyptian theme is a classic example. I’ve lost count of how many tombs and pharaohs and scarabs I’ve seen engulf the artwork of the reels of these games. Culture’s another one. One of the many things that the makers behind these games do is to give players an idea, be it a skewed or a romanticised one of other countries and cultures. With Romanov Riches it’s the Russians of times gone by that get given the treatment.

Paying Symbols of Romanov Riches

Romanov Riches deals with the czars of Russia but steers clear of using any type of human imagery. Instead this online slot game prefers to focus on the sheer opulence often associated with those times. So, on 5 reels and 15 paylines you’ll see the results of opulence, mainly precious stones of varying colours. These rubies and diamonds are accompanied by the usual slot symbols like 10’s, J’s, Q’s and K’s.

Notable Features

No online video slot game can be complete without offering a little something extra, and Romanov Riches has been bequeathed by its designers with a couple of features that might just send something your way.  First on the list is the game’s Mystery Stacks, a feature that can allow for a large segment of the screen to become populated with like symbols and bring about those much-wanted wins. Fun Factory have also equipped this game with a Re-Spin feature, something comparable to a mini-free spin and speaking of free spins, this game offers those too! Finally, there’s the Bonus Wheel, activated through the proper alignment of the Bonus symbols. Three wheels in total will determine what you eventually leave with…
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