5 things you need for the perfect wedding

…but would have never thought of!

5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: thedailymeal.net Engaged? Happily in love, but fluttering about like a headless chicken trying to prepare your wedding? Well, I am about to turn your fluttering into blind-bear rampaging! [Queue the evil laugh] And if you’re just here for a good giggle, then stay right on! Five things the perfect wedding needs – from underwear to hashtags.

Extra underwear

Extra underwear - 5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: budgettravel.com Imagine this – you arrive at the venue and want to change into your suit/dress. Excitement is bubbling over, the big moment is but a few minutes away and then – disaster strikes! The bra strap rips, the briefs are torn, and the tighty whiteys are a turn-off for your future wife…what now?! Cancel? Postpone? Nope! As a well-prepared couple, you packed a suitcase with spare everything, just in case. From nail polish to hair gel, from underwear to socks! Hey presto, day saved!

Pee holder

A friend in the loo - 5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: cool-wedding.net So, you organized toilets at your venue, right? (If you didn’t, happy panicking…) But have you thought about how you (the bride) will maneuver your impossibly poufy or extremely tight dress when nature calls? So – top tip when choosing your maid of honour: choose a friend who will hold your dress when you need to “powder your nose”. Alternatively, don’t drink anything all day long. No, not even a glass of bubbly.

Kissing practice

Kissing practice - 5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: studiolaguna.com What’s too much? When will you look cold and heartless? Hug or not? The questions never stop! Many couples forget to discuss the all important altar kiss, and the combination of him leaning in for a shy peck and her wanting to deliver a full-blown, R-rated smooch could lead to a very awkward moment! So practice your kiss! After all, you want that perfect “aww” moment.

The Hashtag

The Hashtag - 5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: xogrp.com Yes. If you want to find your wedding on Instagram or Twitter, even of Facebook, then you better have a hashtag. But not just any old thing - #loverocks, #cutewedding, #Bridezilla won’t do! Your hashtag needs to be personalized for your wedding! Remember when you hated not having a normal, average surname like Smith? Well, now it’s a blessing! #SmithWedding is definitely taken, but #GrezelwalksiWedding, that’s good to go

Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance - 5 thing you need for the perfect wedding Credit: businesswire.com Uncle Willie. Everyone has him, no one knows him, yet he’s there, at the wedding, slinging one whiskey after the other, picking gherkins off the hors d’oeuvres and stealing little kids’ noses…and other things! Wedding insurances can be taken out to cover mishaps like accidents and fires, but also to cover theft of the venue’s irreplaceable silverware and silk table cloths. Taking out a wedding insurance will certainly save unexpected costs! And now that you have freaked out completely and are kissing your hand to determine your kissing style, why not calm down with a few spins on Royal Vegas Casino

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