The Tomb Raider Reels in the Jackpot

Source: Microgaming Royal Vegas Casino welcomes back a renowned mega star that will tantalize your slot-gaming senses. Lara Croft is back in the slots with a new adventure and action-packed stunts— better graphics, better soundtrack, and multiple cash-in possibilities. The treasure-seeking archeologist has been the sweetheart of the slots since Microgaming introduced her into the reels in 2004. Her riveting adventures and big payouts brought her back with a sequel in 2008. Now, Microgaming has partnered with Triple Edge Studios to revive the thrill for a new era of earth-shattering wins. Lara’s loyal partners will surely rejoice, but Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs is no tiresome nostalgia. The Tomb Raider is better than ever with an array of features that include Free Spins, Multiplier Trails, and a Grand Jackpot.

Uncover the Mysterious Fortune

The jackpot hides in the Golden Scarab Tomb, while the ancient gods of doom, Set and Sobek, keep watch. But no gods, no matter how ancient, can outlast the Tomb Raider’s sleek maneuvers. Venture with Lara into a mystical world full of treasures and surprises. Follow the path of the Free Spin Temples and, if you can stand the thrill, unearth the jackpot of the Tomb of the Golden Scarab.

Lara’s Adventure Kit and Journal of Secrets

On this journey, the Symbols are brought to you by Lara. She is all packed and ready for adventure. Her kit features torches, canteens, medicine bags, grappling hooks, and her journal of secrets. You will see Lara in four dynamic shots as she jumps, points a gun, races in a motorcycle, and strikes a pose. The ancient gods are also featured in the Symbols: Set is the Jackal God and Sobek is the Alligator God, both in gold to remind you of the riches they guard. Of all the Symbols, pay close attention to the journals. Lara Croft’s journals are the Free Spin Symbols and can be traded in as tokens for Wilds.

The Groundwork of the Game

Lara Croft: Temples and Tomb consists of five reels and three rows. A default bet of 1 credit and a max of 20, with up to 10 coins allowed, will send the reels spinning a fortune. The goal is to match at least three Symbols from left to right. Microgaming’s 234 Ways Rolling Reels™ allow players more chances to win as the winning Symbols fall from the top and dissolve while the other Symbols await a new match. Additional features include Free Spins, Multiplier Trails, and the Golden Scarab Jackpot.

The Path of the Free Spin Temples

The Free Spins are unlocked by having three journal Symbols in a row. Once triggered, the players are awarded eight Free Spins. This means you get eight opportunities to win without touching your casino balance. If you match more of the same Symbols in a Free Spin, you’ll get another set of eight Free Spins. The game allows your luck to spin freely as the Free Spins can be repeated up to 48 times!

Behold the Multipliers!

Ready for more? Hold on to Lara’s motorcycle to journey into a trail of ever-increasing riches. Unlike most slots that only allow multipliers on bonus features, Lara Croft: Temples and Tomb will expand your wins in the Base Game as well as the Free Spins. In the Base Game, the Multiplier Trail can double, triple, or quintuple your gains. The multiplier increases with every consecutive win. On Free Spins, the Multiplier Trail is tripled and your gains can increase by three, six, nine, or even fifteen times your original wager!

Cash in on Wilds and Hit the Jackpot

Before you start singing in the rain, hit the books. Lara Croft’s journals are the Free Spin Symbols as well as the trading tokens for Wild Symbols. Trade the journals for Wilds and wait for the Big Hit. A collection of Wilds will trigger one of the jackpots. And with enough Wilds, no ancient god will stand between you and the Golden Scarab treasure! Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs features not one, but three jackpot awards for the boldest adrenaline addicts. The Big Win will mesmerize with fifteen times your original bet, the Super Win will shower you with 100 times your bet, and the Mega Win packs a life-changing win of 5,000 times your original wager!

The Golden Scarab Jackpot Debuts this Month

Can’t wait to get started? Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs debuts at Royal Vegas Casino. Your prime destination for slots, Royal Vegas Casino allows you to partner with Lara on the go. Log in from your iPhone, Windows, or Android mobile device and experience the thrill. The Tomb Raider has come back for you. Don’t leave her waiting!

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