There Really Is an App For That

An app for everything Source: Pixabay Mobile devices have become indispensable to most Canadians, which means we are well and truly living in the age of the app. From gambling at online casinos to blocking all mention of the Kardashians, there really is an app for just about everything. Here are a few apps that, if you do not already have them installed, will make you wonder how you ever coped without them.

Ovulation Tracking Apps

Apps such as Period Plus and Ovuview are handy for women who want to track their menstrual cycles. Apps can track the cycle and predict when the next period is due to begin, allow women to rate the quality of cervical mucus, track temperature, cramps, and more, and one even features an animated rabbit that dishes out arbitrary motivational quotes.

Fitness Apps

There are great apps for joggers and runners, such as MapMyRun, which record run times and speeds, estimate the number of calories burned during a run, and map out and saves routes. Presumably avid shoppers can also use them to track their favourite routes around malls, and prove to their partners that browsing the aisles is serious exercise indeed.

Job-Hunting Apps

Switch is one of many mobile apps that are a boon to job-seekers. Such apps let you connect with prospective employers by matching your skills and interests with job adverts, and sends them to you in an email. You can also ask questions anonymously, and you can be contacted directly by companies via direct messaging.

Money-Managing Apps

Secure apps such as Mint are great for anyone who needs a helping hand when it comes to budgeting for the month. All you do is enter the necessary information, and the app lays out your income, expenses, and budget in visually-appealing, easy-to-understand ways. Such apps are a perfect way to keep track of the budget you make for playing online casino games for real money.

Travel and Health Apps

Keep a record of every place in which you answer the louder calls of nature with apps such as Places I’ve Pooped. The free app maps out your poops, which could come in very handy if you need to find a loo while on the move. You could always just check your handy map, and see if one you used before is nearby. There are also more conventional apps like Uber or Taxify that get you from A to B, without including details of calls to nature. Uber- a popular app Source: Pixabay

Mobile Gaming Apps

Casino apps make accessing quality games, secure banking and other services, and rewards on smartphone and tablet simple. Playing at an online casino has never been easier, and whether you are all about trying for a big win in slots, or wracking your brain in a thinking-game like Blackjack or Poker, there’s an app for that.

Humanitarian Aid Apps

The developers of K-Blocker deserve a Nobel Prize, as the app could make significant strides in the quest for world peace. Installing it on your mobile device will block all content related to Kim, Kylie, and Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kanye West from your device’s Safari browser.

Apps to Keep You In Check

Whether you suck at sticking to a to-do list, need extra motivation getting up when your alarm goes off, need a personal trainer, or want to watch your food intake, sadistic app Carrot can help. It reminds you, praises you, and shames you in ways that, if it came from anything other than an app, would have you on a therapist’s couch for years to come.

Apps to Give Life Meaning

If you have tried to validate your existence in almost every way imaginable and failed dismally, Hold the Button may be the answer to your prayers. Install the app on your device to be able to press a button on the screen, and then see how long you held it for. You can also see how long others have held the button. Revolutionary, when you think about it. What app on your device can you not live without?

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