Things you didnt know about the Cannes Film Festival

Things you didnt know about the Cannes Film Festival Image Source: Filmmaker Magazine The Cannes International Film Festival is in its 70th year and will kick off on Wednesday 17 May and run through to the 28th of May 2017. The first edition of the festival happened in 1939 and was initially held in September. However, in 1952, the festival moved to the month of May and has been held in this month since then.  According to the festival website, the 70th Festival de Cannes ‘spirit of openness‘ will infuse the festival with ‘pictures of a world that dares to look itself in the mirror, to stand proud and to speak out’. Some of the films that are lined up to be screened include; Wonderstruck, Le Redoutable, Geu-Hu (The Day after), The Killing of the Sacred Deer, A Gentle Creature, Jupiter's Moon, L'amant Double, and many others. There is more to the Cannes Film Festival than the red carpets and the gilts and glamour. Here are some less known facts about this famous French festival:

There's a Palm Dog Award that is awarded to the best canine performance at the premiere

palm-dog-award-winner-2016-educationcanine.forumactif Image courtesy of

It's home to high fashion

best-cannes-fashioin-2016 Image courtesy of Toronto Sun

It's also home to some wacky fashion too

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Someone yells "Raoul"

...before the press screenings in the Debussy Theater. This festival tradition was started decades ago when a journalist who had saved a seat for his friend Raoul and yelled out his name before the first movie was screened. The name has stuck since then. Image courtesy of BuzzFeed Did you know that when the Cannes Film Festival revealed its official poster, there was an uproar on twitter? Click here to find out what exactly has been said.

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