Where Do Top Athletes Go On Vacation?

Neymar likes to spend his vacations in Formentera, Spain. Source: Wikimedia Summer in the northern hemisphere can be a dull time for a sports fan as many professional leagues and knockout competitions are on their down season. For most sportspeople, however, a well-deserved break will help to recharge their batteries for the new season to come. Of course, for some of the big earners in sport, money is usually not being a problem, so they tend to spend a great deal to maximise their pleasure from their limited free time. Just like the sumptuous destinations that top sports stars choose, the holiday activities athletes engage in take various forms. While some like to hit the clubs, others might enjoy a quieter time on his or her yacht. There again, some professional sportspeople will seek the excitement of the roulette table at a local casino. Where do top athletes go to unwind and take a break from the intensity of professional competition?

Ibiza, Spain

The Balearic islands are popular among huge numbers of northern Europeans and Ibiza certainly has a reputation for a pulsating nightlife. However, the island also has many high-quality villas which are especially popular among footballers in the summer months. Peter Crouch, Mario Balotelli, Dele Alli and Danny Wellbeck are all soccer players known to spend at least part of their holiday time there. Just to the south is Formentera, a smaller island that attracts the likes of Neymar, Alexis Sanchez and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Moyo Island, Indonesia

It may not be one of the best known holiday spots in the world, but this beautiful island has everything that the Russian tennis star, Maria Sharapova, wants from a vacation destination. For her, it is all about getting away from the glare of public life. The exclusive island offers her just that even though she's usually working for a good deal of the time each summer. David Beckham has also been known to spend time there. Maria Sharapova favours privacy on her holidays. Source: Wikimedia

Tulum, Mexico

A favourite of sports stars like Aaron Rodgers and his NASCAR driving girlfriend, Danica Patrick, Tulum offers luxury, history and a good deal of peace and quiet. The coastal resort in Mexico has attracted some big Hollywood names, too, as well as NFL quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Tony Romo.

Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

This exclusive resort on the tiny Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos has attracted more than its fair share of entertainment industry celebrities, including Justin Bieber. It is also popular among top-earning sports professionals, such as Steph Curry, the NBA star. The world's greatest footballer of the last few seasons, Lionel Messi, has also been spotted in the resort before, enjoying its crystal clear waters.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The gorgeous coastline of Montenegro was often visited by the celebrities of their day before the former Yugoslav state split up and it fell into decline for a time. These days, high earners are starting to return to its upper-class resorts, like Sveti Stefan. In recent times, the basketball player Chris Bosh has taken his summer vacation there. The resort has also been chosen as another family bolthole for the retired soccer star, David Beckham, who was spotted there in 2018.

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