Unusual must-see places in Canada

Although Canada is well known for it's out-of-this-world maple syrup and popular winter sporting events, this country also has a number of incredible of strange and amazing must-see locations. So if you are planning a trip to Canada or would like to venture a little bit more, these are definitely places you should check out. Popular Canadian things www.reddit.com

Weird places you have to visit in Canada

Riverview Hospital is an old abandoned psychiatric hospital which consisting of several buildings that used to house mentally ill patients. With haunting online images and derelict buildings, the hospital easily lives up to its reputation as a spooky facility. It has also been the venue for many horror movies and television shows including  Saw, Along came a spider, the X-Files and Fringe. With its eerie history and vacant buildings, Riverview Hospital is open to visitors making it a must-see unusual place to check out. Riverview hospital www.urbanghostsmedia.com Hôtel de Glace is built with an incredible amount of snow, ice and skill. This chilly popular hotel is definitely not your typical holiday venue with beds covered in fur to keep you warm. Take heed though, this hotel is definitely for those who get cold easily as they are only few spots within the hotel that offer extra heating. Prefer more down-to-earth places? Play at Royal Vegas, the best real money casino for Canadians. Frozen Hotel room www.familyfuncanada.com The Enchanted Forest started of as a place to store the intricate sculptures and grew to become a fantasy garden filled with dwarves, dragons, pirates and other mystical creatures amidst a beautiful backdrop of green forestry. With the magical nature of the forest it is not difficult to understand why it has become such a big attraction particularly among children of the area. Enchanted forest www.commons.wikimedia.org Love working your way out of tricky situations or navigating yourself in any area? The Elizabethan Hedge Maze consists of 3,000 cedars making it super challenging for those adventurers that dare to conquer it. Hedge Maze www.raredelights.com Whether you are planning to travel to Canada or you are just looking for unusual places to visit in Canada, there are always hidden gems worth a look. Check out these top 5 places to visit in Canada.
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