Up Close & Personal With Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra

Victoria Secret Models Source: People In 1990, super model Linda Evangelista famously said that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less that $10,000 a day. Now, that was a while ago and if you consider inflation and all that, the figure could well be a million dollars by today’s standard. Thankfully, there’s a lingerie brand that will get Linda out of bed in a flash, as Victoria’s Secret has a bra that’s worth a cool $1 million. Well, they have a few actually, as their Fantasy Bra holds centre stage on the catwalk annually, and each year a new design is debuted. How can an article of clothing – underwear no less- be worth this much? By covering it in diamonds, of course. Nothing makes a bra more comfortable and suited for supporting body parts than diamonds, and hence the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra was born. You’re probably already rushing off to buy it now, but hold your horses. It’s sadly turns out that the $1 million version is only for publicity purposes. Us commoners are going to have to settle for the $250 replica version that will be sold on one day only online, after the show.

A Show That Thrills

If you don’t know about the Victoria’s Secret fashion show that occurs annually, you clearly just don’t have your priorities straight. It is generally the most viewed fashion event of the year without question, and costs around $12 million to put together. This is a budget around 12 times more than an average fashion show, making it all the more exclusive. The 2018 edition of the show was held on the 8th November, and will be broadcast in the United States and United Kingdom on 2nd December, in the US on ABC, but with the UK channel yet to be announced. It’s a spectacle that deserves to be seen, and if you think it’s just a parade of models in skimpy clothing, you’d be wrong. It’s a celebration of lingerie, of the human body and of all things good, and it needs to be seen. Several times over. Keen to buy some pricey lingerie but feeling a bit broke? Play Roulette at Royal Vegas Casino and see if you can land a big win to take you shopping! We have several online casino games, such as online slots and Blackjack that will keep you coming back for more! online rolette

The Models

Of course, the biggest part of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is the models, with regular viewers of the show all beside themselves with enthusiasm as to which models will make the final cut. A casting event is held in advance of each show, and much attention is given as to which models enter the audition, and which are selected. Never fear though, as even those who don’t make the cut are allowed to exit the audition with a great big pair of artificial feathered wings, with relates to the models for each show being referred to as Angels, just in case you’re wondering. Attaining Angel status is something every model aspires to, and getting your ‘wings’ is proof that you’ve made it in the industry. Confirmed for the show this year are Toni Garrn, who is back after a five-year absence. Barbara Palvin is back after last making an appearance in 2012. Shanina Shaik is back after having made several appearances. Winnie Harlow made her debut at this year’s event, which was something she Tweeted about fiercely. Famous faces that were sure to get the social media websites exploding included Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, with a number of other regulars such as Martha Hunt, Candice Swanepoel, and Stella Maxwell. One interesting return to the catwalk was Behati Prinsloo, who was absent two years running due to pregnancy. (She’s married to Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine so those kids must have great genes!)

Excess Is Key

It was at the Victoria’s Secret runway in New York City that this year’s edition of the obscenely expensive bra was revealed, draped over the body of obscenely attractive fashion model Elsa Hosk. Of course, jokes aside, the intention was never to actually sell the million-dollar item of clothing, but rather to give the fashion show a centrepiece that drew attention. Word is that the bra took a startling 930 hours to create, although this statistic is probably based entirely around the fact that the 2,100 Swarovski diamonds were manmade. It’s a glittering showstopper that has already attracted a huge amount of attention, and no doubt this was the brands intention, as they surely wouldn’t have forked out over a bar for a beige cotton number!

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